Apr 122013

Reports are making the rounds of a “huge attack” targeting web sites running WordPress. I noticed suspicious behavior in the IP access logs of one of my web sites a little over a year ago. I turned on logging of failed login attempts to get a better picture of what was happening. I checked the […]

WordPress 2.6 Released

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Jul 172008

WordPress.org has announced a new 2.6 version of the WordPress online blogging and content management system. Major features in this release include revision history, comparison, and rollback of edits made to articles, a “Press this” link to automate blogging about other web pages, theme previews to see how a theme would look on your content […]

Jul 042008

WordPress.com, the commercial blog hosting company that uses blog software from WordPress.org, is adding Google Gears support to their hosted blog service. Initially, this will only speed up use of the blog administration pages by caching the scripts and images locally.  This isn’t really the best use of Gears, since the browser will cache content as it’ is […]

WordPress 2.5 Sneak Peak

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Mar 182008

Looks like WordPress is prepping for a major rennovation of their administrative UI in an upcoming 2.5 release.  The screenshots look great.  I just hope this doesn’t break the API level stuff used by tens of thousands of blog templates.

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Feb 042008

This just popped up on radar:  Shack Dougall has made some modifications to our PicLens WordPress plugin module to add support for images in WordPress pages (not just blog posts) and images dynamically injected by a gallery plugin. It’s available as a download called “WP-Piclens-Plus“.  Cool! We found Dougall’s liferain.com via Boilr.net, which also links […]

PicLens WordPress Plugin

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Dec 182007

In the last post I described the steps required build a mediaRSS feed for your web photo content, as well as tools we’ve built to automate that process for you. Today I’m pleased to announce that if you have a blog running on the WordPress blog engine, you don’t need any of that! We’ve created […]