Oct 252012

Great googly-moogly. I’ve been fighting with a variety of services on one of my Windows machines for several weeks. Windows updates have been deadlocked since mid August. Some troubleshooting guide suggested disabling Windows Firewall temporarily until the updates could complete. Not only did disabling Windows Firewall not resolve the Windows Update issue, but Windows Firewall […]

Jul 022011

We’ve had a Brother MFC 5860CN multifunction printer/fax/scanner in the office here for a couple of years. It’s a dependable little office helper, and does a good enough job of scanning for office paperwork. The old XP laptop has long been the scanning portal for our office.  Remote Desktop into the laptop, scan stuff into […]

Sep 302008

Microsoft’s Professional Developers Conference (PDC) this year sounds like it’s going to be a landmark event. According to tidbits offered on the PDC website, this year’s headliners will be the first peekat Windows 7 (with prebeta DVDs!) as well as Microsoft’s new thrust into the cloud computing space (no disks needed).  From the website:  Come […]