Jun 042008

Somewhere in the past few months of massive construction, San Jose Airport (SJC) added free wifi access in terminal C.  Woohoo! Pay-as-you-go Wayport is still the dominant/default access point, but if you browse through the list of available wireless networks you’ll find “sjcfreewifi” blinking back at you.  It’s fast, it’s free, and it actually works! Thank goodness for […]

Jun 282007
T-Mobile Rolls Out WiFi Cell Support

At last!  T-Mobile has rolled out their long-awaited HotSpot @Home service nationwide.  This enables you to make and receive cellphone calls over WiFi networks when in range of a WiFi access point and seamlessly transfer calls between WiFi and cellular networks.  The service also includes WiFi access through thousands of T-Mobile HotSpots at cafes and public places across the […]