Jun 042008

Somewhere in the past few months of massive construction, San Jose Airport (SJC) added free wifi access in terminal C.  Woohoo! Pay-as-you-go Wayport is still the dominant/default access point, but if you browse through the list of available wireless networks you’ll find “sjcfreewifi” blinking back at you.  It’s fast, it’s free, and it actually works! Thank goodness for […]

Sep 112007
The Casual Traveler

Angus laments getting hit unusually hard by jet lag on this UK trip.  This is particularly amusing considering he’s recently imported to Redmond from Australia and generally has far too much energy to safely occupy one body.  I suspect he owns an espresso machine.  Possibly even USB powered and in his bag. Angus’s criteria for professional […]

Jan 242007

“Dr Bob” Swart of the Netherlands and Jesper Hogstrom of the Borland/DevCo/CodeGear Delphi ECO team have both “tagged” me in this little game of prod-the-next-guy-into-blogging-about-themselves, so I guess I’d better hop to it before any more prods arrive in my inbox. Five things you probably didn’t know about me: 1. I bought the farm.  Literally.  […]

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Off to PDC

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Sep 122005

I’m off to Microsoft’s Professional Development Conference (PDC) this week in Los Angeles.  If you haven’t been to PDC, picture this:  take the US BorCon, multiply by 4 (or is it 10?  hard to count when they won’t sit still), and remove all non-company speakers. PDC’s greatest difference from BorCon is that PDC is exclusively a Microsoft […]

Mar 262005

Event notice:  I’ll be speaking at the Australia Delphi User Group Autumn Symposium 2005 at the end of April.  The Sydney symposium is Thursday, April 28;  Melbourne is Friday April 29.  ADUG hosts some great Delphi events, so if you’re anywhere on that side of the planet, check them out!

Mar 122005

This week found me and my shadow in Redmond again on errands obscura. Going from meeting to meeting to meeting this week, I recalled a sage warning by Eddie Churchill when he was handling much of the Microsoft technical liaison a few years ago: “You thought you had it tough in the bad old days […]

Dec 092004

As I sit down to jot some notes for the blog, I have to chuckle a bit as I make a small discovery about my own blogging patterns: More often than not, these blog entries are written on the road, in the quiet moments between gate change announcements and powered device curfew on board. “white […]

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May 142004

Just a quick hello between flights as I wind down the spring speaking tour. SDGN’s Software Development Conference went smoothly, as usual. Joop and the guys (and gals) have conference hosting down to a science. I was pleasantly surprised to find Chris Anderson in the lounge when I checked into the conference hotel. Chris flew […]

Apr 212004

First, an apology: This post really belongs in my personal blog instead of the Delphi Compiler Core. Seeing as how I haven’t had time to finish setting up the personal blog, I’m requisitioning this space. The Road Trip Tokyo Friday, April 23 Advisor, Customer visit to discuss Delphi for .NET Sydney Tuesday/Wednesday April 27-28 Speaker, […]