Jan 102007

Techie events are a mixed bag.  Some are actually fun to attend, while others are more like work on a stick.  Here are a few picks and pans for 2007. GDC07   March 5 – 9  San Francisco The Game Developers Conference is an entertaining booth crawl for the same reason gaming conventions are fun – you see […]

Nov 152006
TechEd Barcelona Wrap-up

I figured out why I hadn’t been able to find Nikhil in the speakers lounge to chat about client-side web app bits – he wasn’t in Barcelona!  He had to cancel due to illness (he’s much better now).  Jeff Prosise graciously offered to cover Nikhil’s TechEd talks. After the conference day was done, the Dutch contingent […]

Nov 092006
TechEd TechEd TechEd

Ok, so I’m running out of clever headlines. Nikhil Kothari‘s AJAX scripting talk was filled to the brim, so I headed over to Steve Teixeira‘s C++ roadmap session.  In transit, I crossed paths with the three Dutch amigos (who took me trekking across downtown Barcelona last night in search of beer and dinner) who were also headed […]

Nov 082006

Paul Foster pulled me aside yesterday to say a few words about Windows Live for the VirtualSide video series that is following the events here at TechEd Europe.  Talking heads here:  http://www.mseventseurope.com/TechEd/06/Pre/Live/VideoDev8.aspx?id=2#an2 Dinner last night was with Steve Teixeira and a few C++ MVPs.  Since none of us spoke Spanish, ordering from the menu was […]

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Oct 242006

  I’ll be speaking at the Microsoft TechEd: Developer conference in Barcelona Nov 7-10 about Windows Live and the client-side webapp infrastructure and APIs that we’re building.  I’ll do two sessions, DEV210 on the Windows Live platform in general with specific focus on opportunities for developers, and DEV233 which is a deep-dive into the APIs that […]

Jun 212006

TechEd 2006 was quite an event.  Nearly 10,000 people converging on the new Boston Convention Center is a sight to behold.  I was at TechEd in part as a crash course to learn my team’s messages and the Microsoft messages, to learn how to use the other services in the Windows Live service cloud, and […]