Jul 152008

I found a happy little email in my inbox this morning. It was a note from Handango informing me that my application to become a Handango Developer partner has been approved.  Woohoo! Ya, you know, that application I submitted more than THREE YEARS AGO when I was at Borland experimenting with writing .NET CF apps for my […]

Sep 272007
TMobile HotSpot at Home Phones Get Smarter

TMobile announced this week the addition of the Blackberry 8230 “Curve” to the list of cell phones supported by TMobile’s [email protected] WiFi phone service. This is a big step up in handset functionality over the minimalistic handsets that the service launched with earlier this year.  I’m very tempted to jump in, since the Blackberry can […]

Jun 282007
T-Mobile Rolls Out WiFi Cell Support

At last!  T-Mobile has rolled out their long-awaited HotSpot @Home service nationwide.  This enables you to make and receive cellphone calls over WiFi networks when in range of a WiFi access point and seamlessly transfer calls between WiFi and cellular networks.  The service also includes WiFi access through thousands of T-Mobile HotSpots at cafes and public places across the […]