Sep 042007
Halo 3 Promo Videos Running on Silverlight Streaming

The promotional campaign for the new Halo 3 FPS has begun with a series of in-game and thematic live action videos.  High-def 2mbps videos are here: Lower bandwidth versions of the same are here: These are already on the msn boards and will be referenced by additional promotional spots throughout the rollout. How is […]

May 082007
Hello World with Silverlight and Silverlight Streaming

I’ve been tinkering with Silverlight and Silverlight Streaming and thought I’d share some of my discoveries and pointers. Silverlight is designed to dovetail into a traditional HTML+JavaScript web app.  Your web page loads a Silverlight.js file and constructs a Silverlight object.  What happens after that within the Silverlight objects is determined by a XAML (“zammel”) file […]