PicLens 1.6.1 IE on CNET

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Feb 212008

PicLens 1.6.1 for Internet Explorer is now available for download from CNET’s download.com.  This should help relieve some of the server load on the PicLens.com mother ship, much like having the Firefox xpi’s downloadable from Mozilla.com.  Note that if you do a search for PicLens on CNET, you’ll get two items in the search results:  […]

PicLens 1.5.15 Update

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Nov 062007

We posted an update to the PicLens plugin for Firefox and Safari browsers last night, version 1.5.15. The Firefox update fixes a handful of niggling buglets but otherwise no visible changes. The Safari update gets PicLens working with Safari in the new Leopard release of OSX. The technique for loading a plugin into the Safari […]

Oct 222007

The cool cats over at Karelia Software have released an update to their award-winning website creation software, Sandvox, which among other things adds support for PicLens presentations. Sandvox now embeds mediaRSS feeds in photo albums and photoblogs, which is all that PicLens needs to present that web content in a full-screen immersive presentation. PicLens: Your […]