PicLens on Gizmos for Geeks

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Mar 122008

Mr Alex puts in his two cents about PicLens over at Gizmos for Geeks.  Opening: “PicLens Firefox extension is a photo library revolution”.  Closing: “Go download it already.”  Check it out.

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Wired on PicLens

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Feb 142008

Scott Gilbertson over at Wired picked up on the ReadWriteWeb article on PicLens and did a write up of his own for Wired’s MonkeyBites blog.  (Or is it Wired’s Compiler blog?  The title says one thing, but the URL disagrees) Scott writes: Piclens is a fun and addictive way to browse Flickr and other image sites. […]

PicLens Primordial Ooze

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Feb 112008

Nick Cody sums up his PicLens experience as “Say goodbye to life as you knew it…” on his Primordial Ooze blog.  Thanks, Nick!  Say, he’s got a lot of videos embedded in the Primordial Ooze.  I wonder what we could do with that…?