Dec 182008

About two days ago, my Google homepage suddenly became hostile toward me.  By hostile, I mean my IE7 browser is suddenly reporting a bunch of JavaScript errors and faults when loading the Google homepage that it wasn’t reporting before.  Whenever I visit my Google homepage now, I have to wade through 5 or 6 JavaScript error […]

Mar 212008

So I got a new laptop for home the other day.  It had Vista Home edition preinstalled.  I really need  remote desktop, which is only available in Vista Ultimate (and Vista Business) edition, so I picked up a Vista Ultimate Upgrade box.  The Vista Upgrade box is a little cheaper than full the full-on Vista Ultimate box. This simple […]

On Leaving Borland

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Oct 212007

A recent post to the borland.public.delphi.non-tech newsgroup asserts that as a compiler guy, I shouldn’t be wasting my time doing anything else. This is my reply. m. Th. wrote: First of all, Danny, I’m very glad to see you here… :-) …but let’s start a little ‘short story’ (dunno if you remember them) ;-)… Danny […]