Sep 142012

Stage 2 of my personal Own Your Words quest has been completed. 75 articles I wrote for the Delphi Compiler Core blog from 2003 to 2005 while at Borland are now republished here on my personal site. You can find them all in the Delphi Compiler Core category. This archiving task was considerably more of […]

Own Your Words

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Sep 122012

I learned the “Own Your Words” mantra the hard way several years ago. I’ve blogged on technical topics under a number of banners and web sites over the years. My blog moved twice while at Borland as new/better blog services came online every few years. While at Microsoft I was delighted to have the opportunity […]

Broadening Horizons

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Aug 212012
Broadening Horizons

In the spirit of consolidating my online identity onto a server I control and actually own the content, I’m repurposing to include non-software stuff I’m into as well as the software and technology related stuff I’ve posted here for years. I have been intending to build separate sites for my various fields of interest, […]