Nov 052007

Although Google’s recently announced OpenSocial APIs are described as presenting a unified API for developers to tap into a variety of disparate social networks, the truth is the only unification is that the different vendors use a similar set of function verbs and response schemas. OpenSocial is a pattern that a social network vendor can […]

Nov 022007

Here are a few observations from my first 10 minutes of surfing around in the Google OpenSocial API docs. Google OpenSocial has two sets of APIs: JavaScript for web pages, and ATOM / REST style APIs for server apps or “installed client” (non-browser, presumably native code) apps. The ATOM/REST APIs are collectively called the OpenSocial […]

Google OpenSocial

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Nov 012007

TechCrunch reports that Google is set to announce and reveal a new web API called OpenSocial today, Nov 1. This API is supposed to enable developers to build applications that can leverage an end user’s social network, but without requiring the developer to choose which of the many silo’d social networks to support. The OpenSocial […]