May 272004

“Will Borland ever officially support the Mono platform?” “Or is their a clause in the Microsoft Framework distribution which makes it legally tricky?” There is no clause in any of Borland’s contracts with Microsoft which prohibits Borland from developing tools for non-Microsoft platforms. Microsoft boilerplate contracts often do include such clauses, but we know better […]

May 042004

If you read the Delphi newsgroups, you’ve probably seen my warnings against using finalizers as a matter of course in your .NET code. If you were not satisified with my (slightly vague) reasons, go read Chris Brumme’s article on Finalization for the exhaustive list of sins of Finalize. Note that while C#’s “destructor” syntax implements […]

Apr 202004

Adam Nathan has set up a wiki site at to collect and provide info on how to set up PInvoke declarations to access Win32 API functions. (Yes, it’s in C# syntax but we won’t hold that against them. The type tricks and marshall attributes required to get things to work apply to all .NET […]

Apr 082004

Here’s the synopsis of compiler work on the boards for calendar year 2004: Win32 compiler enhancements, including codegen improvements and language enhancements to improve parity with the .NET side of the house. IL compiler enhancements to broaden the .NET push started with Delphi 8 for .NET. This will include more language enhancements, codegen improvements, and […]

Mar 312004
64bit Delphi Sightings

While Allen takes a break from blogging to salvage what he can from a dying hard disk (repeated platform installs and uninstalls are brutal on hard disk actuators), I can elbow my way back into the network pool here in the Microsoft hardware dev labs to show the fruits of todays labors: Control Sample The […]

Mar 262004

We’re deep into researching and scheduling of development time for the next major release of the Delphi product family. One of the issues we have to weigh carefully is what language features introduced in Delphi for .NET are worthwhile to implement in Delphi for Win32. Investing an enormous effort into implementing a feature in Win32 […]

Mar 062004

Delphi 7 doesn’t allow me to assign one variable declared as “array of byte” to another variable declared as “array of byte” but Delphi 8 accepts this. Why is there a difference? The issue is type identity. Delphi considers the name of a type to be its identity. If two arrays of the same “shape” […]

Mar 052004

Wondering how to do something in .NET that you used to do with a Win32 API call? Here’s a handy reference that Roy Nelson dug up recently: Microsoft Win32 to Microsoft .NET Framework API Map Now, why is that buried in the Academic Alliance web site instead of featured in MSDN proper?

Jul 192003

With some code massaging to take platform differences into account, yes, Delphi components written for Win32 can work in .NET. Most components live “closer to the metal” than application code, so you should expect VCL components to require more work to port to .NET than Delphi application code. The amount of work required to port […]

Jul 192003

Delphi for .NET support for the .NET Compact Frameworks (CF) is currently blocked by missing platform support pieces from Microsoft. As soon as Microsoft makes it *possible* for tool vendors to support CF, Borland can start working on it. We are currently able to compile Delphi source code using the Delphi for .NET compiler for […]