Jan 042012

Create a Web Service with .NET WCF. Plink, plink, done. Create a simple Java client to call that web service. Using the default Java SE 7u2 SDK + runtime downloadable from Oracle, you run wsimport to import the service WSDL and generate proxy classes. You write a little code to instantiate the service class and […]

Feb 182011

I’ve been exploring the recent CTP5 release of .NET Entity Frameworks 4.0.  I find the advancements in the “Code First” model of entity modeling encouraging, though I am a little concerned about discoverability.  If things just magically happen when you name your properties just the right way, how will you know how to diagnose and […]

Nov 302009

I just heard the news announced at PDC that the Managed Extensibility Framework, or MEF, is now slated to be included in Silverlight 4.  Great news! I did a bit of proof of concept work using MEF about a year ago.  MEF is all about composition of providers and consumers.  MEF’s main job is to […]

Apr 152009

Have you ever run into a situation where you need to bridge between code that uses the old custom EventHandler pattern for events and code that wants to use the new parameterized EventHandler<> code style? EventHandler style delegates are not assignment compatible with EventHandler<> delegates.  You’ll run into this if you’re writing a new API […]

Feb 122009

Congratulations to Miguel de Icaza and his team at Novell for the completion and release of Moonlight 1.0!  Moonlight is an open source implementation of Silverlight for the Linux platform developed in a joint effort between Novell and Microsoft. Silverlight was the primary deployment vehicle for live online video coverage of the Olympics last summer, […]

Jul 152008

I found a happy little email in my inbox this morning. It was a note from Handango informing me that my application to become a Handango Developer partner has been approved.  Woohoo! Ya, you know, that application I submitted more than THREE YEARS AGO when I was at Borland experimenting with writing .NET CF apps for my […]

Jun 262008

In the midst of writing some Silverlight code, something struck my funny bone:  .NET has an Application.Current.  “Current” suggests “now”, and its existance suggests there was a need to distinguish “now” from something else.  Does that mean there could be an Application.Next?  Application.Future?  Application.Past?  Those could save me a lot of effort.  How will I […]

Feb 212008

Charlie Calvert writes about dynamic method invocation that has been implemented in the .NET DLR and is working its way into getting proper support by the full VS.NET tool set.  Dynamic method invocation is late binding to the extreme – the lookup is performed at runtime, every time the function call executes.  The compiler has […]

Aug 292006

Woohoo!  Parallel Linq! eWeek has an article talking about a new project at Microsoft called Plinq whose goal is to spread a Linq query across multiple processors.  Anders Hejlsberg discusses the potential performance advantages of distributing work across multiple processors. The article also cites a blog post last September by some Borland guy blathering on […]

Aug 012006

I’ve made a quick run up to Redmond for Tuesday/Wednesday to take part in the .NET Languages Symposium 2006 (aka LANG.NET2006).  I’ll be speaking (Wed at 2pm) on lessons learned about the state of web app development (in particular, JavaScript) while building out Windows Live. The point is not so much to gripe about JavaScript’s failings (it’s […]

Jul 262006

Here’s an interesting little data point to put on your radar:  Nathan Herring, long time Microsoft Macintosh developer, has joined the MiniCLR team, a core component of WPF/E. Now, what do you think Mike Harsh and the “Windows Presentation Foundation / Everywhere” team have cooking to keep a Mac addict entertained?   Originally published on […]

Sep 152005

Language Integrated Query (LINQ) is clearly the hot topic of PDC this year.  Windows Vista dominated the keynotes and looked very pretty up there on the screen, but nothing gets developers salivating like language enhancements.  What is LINQ, really, and what does it mean for Delphi? The founding premise behind LINQ’s many facets is that there is […]

Jun 222005

Paul Spain writes in the ADUG mailing list:  “As the evolution of Borland’s Object Pascal is now effectively bound to the evolution of .NET’s CLS, Delphi will have to wait for Microsoft before we see these features appearing in our tool of choice…” Bullshit. Delphi fans unite:  Whenever someone makes that claim, feel free to grab […]

Mar 032005

A few weeks ago I was in Redmond for the Whidbey Compiler Development Lab.  It’s been quite awhile (2 years?) since the last dev lab specifically for .NET compiler authors.  It was interesting to see the number of enthusiastic new faces mixed in with the slightly world weary battleaxes. New guys enter the lecture room, […]

Feb 262005

“I want to write PDA apps using Delphi and the .NET Compact Framework. Yet Borland still doesn’t support this. Why not?“ Borland has been in negotiations with Microsoft for the past three years on how Microsoft can support third party tool vendors to produce tools for the .NET Compact Framework. To summarize the discussions and […]

Sep 192004

Don’t install .NET 1.1 Service Pack 1 on your Delphi 8 development machines. It has been reported in the newgroups that Delphi 8 has trouble compiling projects after .NET 1.1 Service Pack 1 has been installed. The issue is immediately apparent in Delphi 8 with update 2 applied, but can also affect earlier versions of […]

Sep 102004

Borland database whizes Steve Shaughnessy and Jens Ole Lauridsen will be giving two talks at BorCon on their managed code database, a pure .NET incarnation of JDataStore. It is an extremely fast database for applications written in managed code languages that let you write database triggers, stored procedures and UDFs using Delphi, C#, or VB.NET. […]

Jul 242004

There’s been a bit of a firefight going on within Microsoft about what naming conventions to use for the type params of generic types.  The debate has spilled out into the streets with this post to the Microsoft Product Feedback Center.  Some of the suggestions made in that public discussion are well intended, but C#-centric […]

Jul 012004

I’m pleased to announce that Borland has been elected into ECMA International! ECMA is the standards body guiding the specification and standardization of items such as the C# language, the .NET Common Language Infrastructure (CLI), and Managed C++ extensions for CLI. Borland has been participating in ECMA technical committees as a guest for several months […]

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Jun 092004

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