Jul 182005

I’m pleased to announce that the Delphi for .NET Compact Framework Technology Preview compiler is now available for download by registered Delphi 2005 customers here:  http://www.borland.com/downloads/registered/download_delphi.html With this technology preview compiler and the Delphi 2005 toolset, you can explore and experiment with creating Delphi applications for mobile devices such as PDAs and SmartPhones.  There’s no […]

Mar 222005

While Allen waxes poetic about imagining VCL.NET on mobile devices before CF existed, I’ll take credit for being one of the main forces against pursuing VCL.NET/CF.  I continue to be skeptical, but also hopeful.  That combination should keep Allen and Seppy on their toes for awhile. The biggest reason not to pursue VCL.NET/CF is that it will resemble VCL.NET […]

Mar 182005
Delphi.NET Running on .NET Compact Frameworks

While I’ve been buried in meetings for the past few weeks, Seppy’s been a busy fellow. I asked him to get started on figuring out exactly what .NET bits are missing in CF that the Delphi compiler codegen and RTL rely upon. Here’s his reply:   Wahoo! He found the easiest way to figure out […]

Feb 262005

“I want to write PDA apps using Delphi and the .NET Compact Framework. Yet Borland still doesn’t support this. Why not?“ Borland has been in negotiations with Microsoft for the past three years on how Microsoft can support third party tool vendors to produce tools for the .NET Compact Framework. To summarize the discussions and […]

Jul 192003

Delphi for .NET support for the .NET Compact Frameworks (CF) is currently blocked by missing platform support pieces from Microsoft. As soon as Microsoft makes it *possible* for tool vendors to support CF, Borland can start working on it. We are currently able to compile Delphi source code using the Delphi for .NET compiler for […]