Silverlight 2 Beta 2 Released

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Jun 092008

In all the excitement of getting oriented in the new digs at Microsoft, I almost missed the news that Silverlight 2 beta 2 has been released!  You can get the goods from  I found a nice overview of what Silverlight 2 and beta 2 have over on the GeekValley blog. Lots to dig into in […]

Into the Maelstrom.. Again

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May 282008

Curious title…  ring any bells?  No, not the story by Edgar Allen Poe.  I wrote an article a long time ago (2 years, 1 month, and 12 days) with this title to announce my joining the Windows Live team at Microsoft. I worked from my home in Santa Cruz (California), working with my team in Redmond […]

Nov 022007

Here are a few observations from my first 10 minutes of surfing around in the Google OpenSocial API docs. Google OpenSocial has two sets of APIs: JavaScript for web pages, and ATOM / REST style APIs for server apps or “installed client” (non-browser, presumably native code) apps. The ATOM/REST APIs are collectively called the OpenSocial […]

The Conspiracy of Coincidence

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Oct 302007

When I announced my departure from Microsoft, observed that I wasn’t alone in my decision to make a change, nor in my timing. LiveSide noted a few other Microsofties exiting in late September/early October, as did Mary Jo Foley in her ZDNet column. Both articles were professional and well-written and stayed away from speculation, […]

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Oct 052007
Leaving Microsoft

As I’ve been wrapping up our 2nd generation cross-domain in-browser communication channel API, I’ve been nosing around and thinking about what my next project should be.  There’s no shortage of tasks to do in Windows Live, and I had a few leads for interesting projects elsewhere within Microsoft as well. Just as I cleared my […]

May 302007
Microsoft Surface

You’ve got to see it to believe it: Mmmm-mmm good. It may be time soon to dust off those great old Avalon Hill board games and look at implementing them on this table – without the thousands of chit markers.  Twilight Imperium, anyone?  Or perhaps Settlers of Cataan? This post was originally published on my MSDN […]

Mar 292007

Michael Scherotter, of MindManager fame, has joined Microsoft as a Developer Evangelist.  I believe his base of operations will continue to be the San Francisco bay area, but if his hyperactivity level at MindJet is any indication we’ll be seeing him all over the world more or less simultaneously.  I look forward to seeing what […]

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Dec 122006

We’ve rolled out another release of the Windows Live Contacts Control today, this time adding a write API that enables host web pages to programmatically add and delete contacts with the end user’s approval.  Earlier releases of the contacts control were strictly read-only; the host page could only receive the contact data that the user […]

Nov 092006
TechEd TechEd TechEd

Ok, so I’m running out of clever headlines. Nikhil Kothari‘s AJAX scripting talk was filled to the brim, so I headed over to Steve Teixeira‘s C++ roadmap session.  In transit, I crossed paths with the three Dutch amigos (who took me trekking across downtown Barcelona last night in search of beer and dinner) who were also headed […]

Nov 082006

Paul Foster pulled me aside yesterday to say a few words about Windows Live for the VirtualSide video series that is following the events here at TechEd Europe.  Talking heads here: Dinner last night was with Steve Teixeira and a few C++ MVPs.  Since none of us spoke Spanish, ordering from the menu was […]

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Oct 242006

  I’ll be speaking at the Microsoft TechEd: Developer conference in Barcelona Nov 7-10 about Windows Live and the client-side webapp infrastructure and APIs that we’re building.  I’ll do two sessions, DEV210 on the Windows Live platform in general with specific focus on opportunities for developers, and DEV233 which is a deep-dive into the APIs that […]

Oct 052006

Our next iteration on the contacts control (nee gadget) is now live and ready for you to experiment with! The snapshot of the contacts control in the online documentation is a static image. The one below is not!  This a live (as in real) contacts control sitting in an iframe on this blog page. Go head, click on it.  Login […]

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Sep 192006

We’re on track for an end-of-month release of the next iteration of the Windows Live Contacts control.  The September rev will include quite a bit of UI polish and bug fixing, as well as a significant internal reorg to put the code base on a smooth path for long-term versioning and maintainability.  Essentially, we’re evolving […]

Aug 302006

The Windows Live Contacts gadget is picking up speed and interest, and we’re starting to see some common factors in questions and conversations with web application teams inside Microsoft and out. Q: The gadget sample code doesn’t load on my web page!  All I see is a white box.  What’s wrong? A: Woops!  There was a typo […]

Aug 292006

Out of frustration with the msdn blog server’s sluggish response on the administration side of the house, I decided to take a quick look at the recently launched Windows Live Writer (beta) blog composition tool. I normally avoid installing stuff on the local machine, particularly for blogging, because I move between different machines quite a bit.  Nothing […]

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Aug 292006

Woohoo!  Parallel Linq! eWeek has an article talking about a new project at Microsoft called Plinq whose goal is to spread a Linq query across multiple processors.  Anders Hejlsberg discusses the potential performance advantages of distributing work across multiple processors. The article also cites a blog post last September by some Borland guy blathering on […]

Aug 182006

I’m pleased to announced the beta release of a new kind of web component:  the Windows Live Contacts Gadget! What’s it for? The contacts gadget is client-side JavaScript that enables end users to use their Windows Live contacts (from Windows Live Mail/Hotmail and Messenger) with third party (non-Microsoft) web sites, conveniently and securely.  The gadget works with any web […]

Aug 012006

I’ve made a quick run up to Redmond for Tuesday/Wednesday to take part in the .NET Languages Symposium 2006 (aka LANG.NET2006).  I’ll be speaking (Wed at 2pm) on lessons learned about the state of web app development (in particular, JavaScript) while building out Windows Live. The point is not so much to gripe about JavaScript’s failings (it’s […]

Jul 262006

Here’s an interesting little data point to put on your radar:  Nathan Herring, long time Microsoft Macintosh developer, has joined the MiniCLR team, a core component of WPF/E. Now, what do you think Mike Harsh and the “Windows Presentation Foundation / Everywhere” team have cooking to keep a Mac addict entertained?   Originally published on […]