Jul 092008

John and Bronwen of SoulSolutions have completed an RSS upgrade for the Australian government Prints And Printmaking web site, which gives free public access to something like 18,000 images of artwork in the National Gallery of Australia.  With all those images indexed in RSS, you can now browse those works of art in PicLens halfway […]

Gallery To Support PicLens

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Mar 192008

The Gallery project, perhaps the most widely used open-source photo gallery web server subsystem in the world, is updating their RSS feed generator module to support mediaRSS.  That means you will soon be able to view your Gallery-managed web photos in PicLens!  In this message thread on the Gallery discussion forums, user ‘valiant’ mentions that the new mediaRSS (PicLens!) support […]

Serving RSS on IIS

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Mar 162008

A couple of website authors out there have had a little difficulty figuring out how to get their web sites set up with mediaRSS feeds to support PicLens browsing.  You can follow our instructions for how to construct a mediaRSS feed and link it into your HTML pages and still get no joy from PicLens […]

Fotki -> mediaRSS -> PicLens!

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Mar 082008
Fotki -> mediaRSS -> PicLens!

Photo sharing site Fotki.com has implemented mediaRSS feeds in their photo albums and image search results, which means you can surf millions of Fotki photos in PicLens! A Fotki search for “butterfly” returns this Fotki page, which looks even better in PicLens: You can also view Fotki photo albums in PicLens. Here’s an album carefully […]

Feb 142008

James Corbett of EirePreneur discovered PicLens, and quickly twittered his fellow Irish entrepreneur Marcus Mac Innes to ask about viewing Pix.ie photo galleries on the PicLens 3D wall.  Marcus contacted the CoolIris team, and in fairly short order Marcus had Pix.ie generating mediaRSS feeds for PicLens to consume! Great work, Marcus!

Feb 142008

Erwin Jurschitza dropped us a note to let us know that Zeno.org, the German-language online library, has recently implemented mediaRSS feeds for several of its photo collections, such as this van Gogh collection.  It looks great in PicLens!  (I had no idea van Gogh was so prolific!) Erwin also mentioned that the entire zeno.org site is implemented […]

Feb 132008

Jan discovers PicLens.  He thinks it’s pretty cool, and he tells his friend Michael.  Michael says “Wow, I gotta have this on my site!” and proceeds to implement a mediaRSS feed for his daily photo community site, DailyFratze.de (“Daily Faces”).  Poof!  Just like that, 3500+ DailyFratze photos materialize in PicLens space.  Täglich frische! Total elapsed time:  a matter of hours.  (Including time […]

Jan 312008

Stanford’s campus newspaper, The Stanford Daily, has added mediaRSS feeds for photos published with news articles on their site. PicLens autodetects these mediaRSS feeds and displays those same photos in full-screen mode. What’s more, the Stanford Daily’s mediaRSS is also paginated – notice the images load on demand to the left in PicLens.  They’ve set up […]

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PicLens 1.6.1 Adds Search

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Jan 292008
PicLens 1.6.1 Adds Search

We’ve just pushed out a PicLens 1.6 update that adds web search to the immersive 3D PicLens media experience.  This release runs in Firefox Mac and Firefox Windows. While zooming around in images on the 3D wall, hit Tab to select the Search box in the top right corner of the screen (or mouse click on […]

PicLens WordPress Plugin

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Dec 182007

In the last post I described the steps required build a mediaRSS feed for your web photo content, as well as tools we’ve built to automate that process for you. Today I’m pleased to announce that if you have a blog running on the WordPress blog engine, you don’t need any of that! We’ve created […]

Dec 132007

We get a lot of great feedback from our PicLens user community, and by far the most common comment/question we get looks something like “Wow! PicLens is awesome!  How can I get PicLens to display the photos I’ve posted on my own web site?” The answer is simple:  Implement a mediaRSS feed for the photos […]

Oct 222007

The cool cats over at Karelia Software have released an update to their award-winning website creation software, Sandvox, which among other things adds support for PicLens presentations. Sandvox now embeds mediaRSS feeds in photo albums and photoblogs, which is all that PicLens needs to present that web content in a full-screen immersive presentation. PicLens: Your […]