Oct 022009

When you’re writing a rich Internet application (RIA) in HTML and JavaScript, sometimes you need to programatically place a DOM element relative to the right or bottom edge of the visible browser window. For example, if you want to popup a help balloon near an item of interest, you probably want to make sure that […]

Jul 252008

Eric Meyer has put together a proposal for HTML 5 to enable an HTML document to associate URL links with just about every visual HTML element type. This would make it much easier to make a blockquote link to the source of the quote, and would enable things that are currently impossible in HTML such […]

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May 272007

A few posts ago I promised to elaborate on a little gotcha that bit us in the butt while prepping the “blocks” to enable Popfly apps to use the Windows Live Contacts web control and Windows Live Spaces web control .  Here it is:  IE has a handy document.namespaces object that reflects the namespaces defined […]

Dec 182006

If you’ve been following the progress of the Windows Live Contacts Control since its launch this past summer, you may recall that in the second beta release we shifted from a programmatic constructor call style of instantiating the control on the web page to a declarative html element with attributes style.  On page load, our […]