Sep 272005

Here are a few notes on our current plans for the next few Delphi product releases: 2005 – DeXter The next release of the Delphi product family, code named “DeXter” will further advance developer productivity through enhancements in Code Insight, Code Completion, Code Templates, and refactoring across all the Delphi IDE’s language personalities.  Significant language and […]

Sep 022005

I’ve seen several bug reports lately complaining that the compiler barfs on Unicode identifiers in certain contexts.  In all cases, the bug reports were in error because the source files were not Unicode encoded text. Here’s the complicated rule: If you want to represent Unicode characters in a source file, the source file needs to be […]

Jul 182005

I’m pleased to announce that the Delphi for .NET Compact Framework Technology Preview compiler is now available for download by registered Delphi 2005 customers here: With this technology preview compiler and the Delphi 2005 toolset, you can explore and experiment with creating Delphi applications for mobile devices such as PDAs and SmartPhones.  There’s no […]

Mar 222005

While Allen waxes poetic about imagining VCL.NET on mobile devices before CF existed, I’ll take credit for being one of the main forces against pursuing VCL.NET/CF.  I continue to be skeptical, but also hopeful.  That combination should keep Allen and Seppy on their toes for awhile. The biggest reason not to pursue VCL.NET/CF is that it will resemble VCL.NET […]

Mar 182005
Delphi.NET Running on .NET Compact Frameworks

While I’ve been buried in meetings for the past few weeks, Seppy’s been a busy fellow. I asked him to get started on figuring out exactly what .NET bits are missing in CF that the Delphi compiler codegen and RTL rely upon. Here’s his reply:   Wahoo! He found the easiest way to figure out […]

Mar 032005

A few weeks ago I was in Redmond for the Whidbey Compiler Development Lab.  It’s been quite awhile (2 years?) since the last dev lab specifically for .NET compiler authors.  It was interesting to see the number of enthusiastic new faces mixed in with the slightly world weary battleaxes. New guys enter the lecture room, […]

Feb 262005

“I want to write PDA apps using Delphi and the .NET Compact Framework. Yet Borland still doesn’t support this. Why not?“ Borland has been in negotiations with Microsoft for the past three years on how Microsoft can support third party tool vendors to produce tools for the .NET Compact Framework. To summarize the discussions and […]

Dec 092004

Neil Moffatt has earned some well-deserved compliments from the Delphi peanut gallery (newsgroups) for his Delphi Basics web site. Neil does a pretty good job of keeping things simple and straightforward. With the release of Delphi 2005 (and some gentle prodding from me), Neil is now venturing into the realm of .NET. He’s torn between […]

Nov 272004

The Delphi 8 update 3 to resolve versioning issues with the .NET 1.1 SP1 release has been going through internal testing for the past week. We’re working toward a release target of early December. Meanwhile, Delphi 2005 promotional events continue to roll out the new product at a variety of events, including Borland user group […]

Oct 132004

The fix for the Delphi 8 compiler to support .NET 1.1 SP1 is not going to be a simple as I had hoped. We can’t just ignore the version signatures of symbols imported from CLR because the Delphi compiler relies on those signatures to distinguish between different versions of overloaded methods. Changing the technique used […]

Sep 192004

Don’t install .NET 1.1 Service Pack 1 on your Delphi 8 development machines. It has been reported in the newgroups that Delphi 8 has trouble compiling projects after .NET 1.1 Service Pack 1 has been installed. The issue is immediately apparent in Delphi 8 with update 2 applied, but can also affect earlier versions of […]

Sep 162004

Brad Abrams apparently sat in on my What’s New in the Delphi Compiler session at BorCon, as well as part of Corbin’s .NET Framework for Delphi Developers. In his blog comments he seems amused by the cockiness of the Delphi crowd. I probably should have warned him about that… ;> Brad was at BorCon to […]

Aug 162004

I’ve been out of the office for the past few days for a strategic planning thinktank. Boz Elloy (Borland Sr Vice President of Product Development) has called together Borland’s CS’s, CTO, CMO, SVP’s, GM’s, BM’s, and LMNOPM’s from all over the map – including remote regions of Michigan, Chicago, Atlanta, Boulder Creek, and St. Petersberg […]

Aug 092004

In the next release of Delphi, the compiler will support a new kind of for loop, dubbed the “” loop. A “” loop works just like a regular Delphi for loop except that you don’t have to deal with a loop index variable. If you want to run through all the strings in a collection […]

Jul 022004

Congratulations to the Mono team on their release of the Mono 1.0 platform! It’s taken a mountain of effort by a team of dedicated developers, but they’ve succeeded at what many said was impossible: to produce an implementation of the .NET platform independent of Microsoft. Why is this noted in the Delphi compiler blog? I’m […]

May 272004

“Will Borland ever officially support the Mono platform?” “Or is their a clause in the Microsoft Framework distribution which makes it legally tricky?” There is no clause in any of Borland’s contracts with Microsoft which prohibits Borland from developing tools for non-Microsoft platforms. Microsoft boilerplate contracts often do include such clauses, but we know better […]

May 142004

Just a quick hello between flights as I wind down the spring speaking tour. SDGN’s Software Development Conference went smoothly, as usual. Joop and the guys (and gals) have conference hosting down to a science. I was pleasantly surprised to find Chris Anderson in the lounge when I checked into the conference hotel. Chris flew […]

May 062004

Whoa, nellie. The reaction to Sunday’s kicking of the hornet’s nest has gotten a little out of hand. Even Scoble picked it up (in a nice way), which is as close as I want to get to being Slashdotted again. (Chris Pratley is doing a fine job of keeping the “net thugs” busy) First off, […]

May 042004

If you read the Delphi newsgroups, you’ve probably seen my warnings against using finalizers as a matter of course in your .NET code. If you were not satisified with my (slightly vague) reasons, go read Chris Brumme’s article on Finalization for the exhaustive list of sins of Finalize. Note that while C#’s “destructor” syntax implements […]