Sep 142012

Stage 2 of my personal Own Your Words quest has been completed. 75 articles I wrote for the Delphi Compiler Core blog from 2003 to 2005 while at Borland are now republished here on my personal site. You can find them all in the Delphi Compiler Core category. This archiving task was considerably more of […]

Jan 132005

After many weeks of deferrals, and forgetting, and travel, and workload, and more forgetting, a grand convergence of forces was witnessed today resulting in the migration of the Delphi Compiler Core blog articles from the original location to the “new” server. The actual conversion took all of about 30 seconds. The reader comments […]

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Jul 182003

Itanium is orders of magnitude more difficult to gen for than AMD 64. That means Borland product management will need to see orders of magnitude more customers wielding pitchforks and cash demanding native Itanium codegen. I would love to take a crack at AMD-64. ‘Twould be a piece of cake and a pleasure compared to […]

Jul 182003

In a word: no. CMOVcc had potential when it was introduced in the Pentium Pro, but it is now completely useless. Based on empirical observation I’m guessing that the Pentium III and Pentium IV chips have shoved CMOVcc off the core processor into glacial pipeline-blocking microcode because the execution performance of CMOVcc on modern processors […]

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