Jan 122009

Microsoft’s Live Mesh was awarded top honors in the “Best Technology Innovation/Achievement” category at the Crunchies Awards on Jan 10, beating out other nominees in the category including Facebook Connect and Google Chrome.  Live Mesh is a file sharing application that enables users to access their data from a variety of devices, while online or […]

Dec 302008

Microsoft’s Live Mesh platform has been nominated for the 2008 Crunchies “Best Technology Innovation/Achievement” award!  The winner will be determined by public vote, so get yourself over to http://crunchies2008.techcrunch.com/votes/ to cast your vote for your favorite technologies of 2008. The Crunchies competition and award ceremony recognizes and celebrates the most compelling startups, internet and technology innovations […]

YouTube Exec Joins Cooliris

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Jun 042008

Om Malik notes YouTube exec Sashi Seth is now Cooliris chief revenue officer. I’ve had the pleasure of talking with Sashi for the past few weeks at Cooliris, and have been impressed with his knowledge of the online advertising space and his drive to make things happen. Cooliris intends to pay the bills using advertising, but has been hampered […]

Into the Maelstrom.. Again

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May 282008

Curious title…  ring any bells?  No, not the story by Edgar Allen Poe.  I wrote an article a long time ago (2 years, 1 month, and 12 days) with this title to announce my joining the Windows Live team at Microsoft. I worked from my home in Santa Cruz (California), working with my team in Redmond […]

Play Videos in PicLens!

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Apr 182008

PicLens 1.6.3 released this week adds support for searching and playing YouTube videos on the PicLens 3D wall!  PicLens displays still image thumbnails for videos on the wall.  When you click on an item in the wall, it plays the video in-place.  Play, Pause, Seek, and Volume controls are displayed at the bottom of the […]

Mar 082008

PicLens is featured in the Business section of the New York Times!  In “Coming Soon: Nothing Between You and Your Machine” John Markoff writes about the emerging trend in the technology field to rethink the way we interact with technology, and cites PicLens as an example of such a rethink.

The Cooliris Blog

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Mar 082008

Hey, Cooliris has a blog!  When did that happen?  ;>  I just noticed the new blog link in the footer of piclens.com. Look to the Cooliris blog for official company news, events, and happenings.  News like hooking up with freewebs.com to provide PicLens and PicLensLite photo gallery viewing for the 20 million user web sites […]

Mar 032008

My Cooliris cubemate Kevin is a chronic runner.  He has mentioned on more than one occasion about going out for a 6am “refresher” run. 6am! The only way you’ll catch me running at 6am is if my bed is on fire. Actually, a bed on fire would be nice and warm, and hardly an incentive to dash […]

Feb 252008
Colin Powell Visits Cooliris

It was a little after lunch.  The phone rang.  “Who? [Bleep]! I mean, [bleep], yes!  I mean, sure, come on over!”  The email to action:  If you’re anywhere near the office, get over here!  Randy’s bringing General Colin Powell in to see PicLens!! A flurry of activity.  Sweeping away today’s lunch debris.  And yesterday’s lunch debris.  And […]

Feb 062008

Last night we pushed out an all new PicLens for Internet Explorer with the full PicLens 1.6.1 feature set:  3D picture wall, keyword search against multiple photo sites (Flickr, DeviantArt, SmugMug, Photobucket) and search engines (Google, Yahoo), support for multipage mediaRSS feeds (like StanfordDaily) , and more. Now all you IE7 and IE6 folks can have as much fun browsing photos on […]

Feb 042008

This just popped up on radar:  Shack Dougall has made some modifications to our PicLens WordPress plugin module to add support for images in WordPress pages (not just blog posts) and images dynamically injected by a gallery plugin. It’s available as a download called “WP-Piclens-Plus“.  Cool! We found Dougall’s liferain.com via Boilr.net, which also links […]

PicLens 1.6.1 Adds Search

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Jan 292008
PicLens 1.6.1 Adds Search

We’ve just pushed out a PicLens 1.6 update that adds web search to the immersive 3D PicLens media experience.  This release runs in Firefox Mac and Firefox Windows. While zooming around in images on the 3D wall, hit Tab to select the Search box in the top right corner of the screen (or mouse click on […]

PicLens 1.6 Released!

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Jan 152008
PicLens 1.6 Released!

After many weeks and months of frenzied labor by the CoolIris crew, I’m pleased to announce the release of PicLens 1.6 Beta for Firefox Mac and Firefox Windows! The headline feature for the 1.6 release is “The Wall” – a 3D scrolling infinite wall of images for viewing your favorite photo sites and image search results.  […]

PicLens WordPress Plugin

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Dec 182007

In the last post I described the steps required build a mediaRSS feed for your web photo content, as well as tools we’ve built to automate that process for you. Today I’m pleased to announce that if you have a blog running on the WordPress blog engine, you don’t need any of that! We’ve created […]

Dec 132007

We get a lot of great feedback from our PicLens user community, and by far the most common comment/question we get looks something like “Wow! PicLens is awesome!  How can I get PicLens to display the photos I’ve posted on my own web site?” The answer is simple:  Implement a mediaRSS feed for the photos […]

Nov 122007

When I returned from lunch today I learned that I’ve got a new boss! (sort of) Former U.S Vice President Al Gore has joined Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers as a partner. KPCB is the financial backer underwriting CoolIris, and therefore indirectly responsible for my paycheck. So, does this mean a change of signage at […]

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Oct 052007
Leaving Microsoft

As I’ve been wrapping up our 2nd generation cross-domain in-browser communication channel API, I’ve been nosing around and thinking about what my next project should be.  There’s no shortage of tasks to do in Windows Live, and I had a few leads for interesting projects elsewhere within Microsoft as well. Just as I cleared my […]