Sep 132004

“Live blogging” is catching on among this year’s BorCon attendees. It certainly helps to have wireless network coverage blanketing the entire San Jose Convention Center (well, everywhere except the lobby seating area). Nick Hodges (here), Joe White (here), Marco Cantu, Robert Love (here), Jim McKeeth(here) and others are busily tap-tap-tapping away their visceral impressions during […]

Sep 102004

Borland database whizes Steve Shaughnessy and Jens Ole Lauridsen will be giving two talks at BorCon on their managed code database, a pure .NET incarnation of JDataStore. It is an extremely fast database for applications written in managed code languages that let you write database triggers, stored procedures and UDFs using Delphi, C#, or VB.NET. […]

Sep 032004

I’ve just checked in Delphi compiler support for parsing source code identifiers that contain Unicode extended characters. Chances are good that this will appear in the next release of the Delphi products. Why? Why should we allow Unicode characters in Delphi identifiers? Isn’t ASCII good enough? The first reason is that programmers want to express […]

Aug 192004

Nick, old friend, you are so far out in the weeds it’s not even funny. A few weeks ago, Nick Hodges blogged about his views of how to grow the Delphi community. I skimmed his article at the time and filed it under “The Usual Bleatings,” but one point in particular has been eating at […]

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Aug 162004

I’ve been out of the office for the past few days for a strategic planning thinktank. Boz Elloy (Borland Sr Vice President of Product Development) has called together Borland’s CS’s, CTO, CMO, SVP’s, GM’s, BM’s, and LMNOPM’s from all over the map – including remote regions of Michigan, Chicago, Atlanta, Boulder Creek, and St. Petersberg […]

Aug 092004

In the next release of Delphi, the compiler will support a new kind of for loop, dubbed the “” loop. A “” loop works just like a regular Delphi for loop except that you don’t have to deal with a loop index variable. If you want to run through all the strings in a collection […]

Jul 202004

In checking the incoming references to this blog over at Blogshares I noticed a new link from beyond the usual rat pack –  a link from deep in PHP space.  Curious, I followed, and found a circle of satire concerning a reflection on the 1974 book Pascal User Manual and Report by Jensen and Wirth made over at Lambda […]

Jul 022004

Simon Kissel, maker of ChatJet of Borland chatroom fame, has been tinkering again. This time he’s cooked up a way to run the Borland Kylix command line compiler from within the Delphi (6 or 7) IDE on Windows – dubbed “CrossKylix“. Pretty neat trick, considering that the Kylix command line compiler is a Linux ELF […]

Jul 022004

Congratulations to the Mono team on their release of the Mono 1.0 platform! It’s taken a mountain of effort by a team of dedicated developers, but they’ve succeeded at what many said was impossible: to produce an implementation of the .NET platform independent of Microsoft. Why is this noted in the Delphi compiler blog? I’m […]

Jul 012004

I’m pleased to announce that Borland has been elected into ECMA International! ECMA is the standards body guiding the specification and standardization of items such as the C# language, the .NET Common Language Infrastructure (CLI), and Managed C++ extensions for CLI. Borland has been participating in ECMA technical committees as a guest for several months […]

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Jun 182004

The Borland blog server is now up, and a torrent of new Borland bloggers and blog posts are pouring in. Check it out! I’ll be migrating this Delphi Compiler Core blog over to the Borland blog server as soon as I have time to configure a skin for it.

Jun 092004

> IMO, > this is the cost-effectiveness you should be striving for. If you > can achieve it, you will reap the requisite revenue to justify that > noble action. Really taking care of your customer base. Could there > be more air-tight business case? If I had 20 sharp programmers sitting around looking for […]

Jun 032004

Yes, the rumors are true: Allen Bauer and I and several other senior engineers across the company have been promoted into a new technology leadership team at Borland. Dale Fuller (you know, that CEO guy) rolled out a plan earlier this year to get more Borland technologists involved in corporate steering and strategic planning. This […]

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May 272004

“Will Borland ever officially support the Mono platform?” “Or is their a clause in the Microsoft Framework distribution which makes it legally tricky?” There is no clause in any of Borland’s contracts with Microsoft which prohibits Borland from developing tools for non-Microsoft platforms. Microsoft boilerplate contracts often do include such clauses, but we know better […]

May 062004

Whoa, nellie. The reaction to Sunday’s kicking of the hornet’s nest has gotten a little out of hand. Even Scoble picked it up (in a nice way), which is as close as I want to get to being Slashdotted again. (Chris Pratley is doing a fine job of keeping the “net thugs” busy) First off, […]

May 042004

If you read the Delphi newsgroups, you’ve probably seen my warnings against using finalizers as a matter of course in your .NET code. If you were not satisified with my (slightly vague) reasons, go read Chris Brumme’s article on Finalization for the exhaustive list of sins of Finalize. Note that while C#’s “destructor” syntax implements […]

May 022004

Well, it was bound to happen. I’m surprised it’s taken this long, actually: internal “concern” over information disclosed in this blog. My previous post seems to have ruffled a few feathers of folks who aren’t used to Borland talking about engineering research well in advance of delivery, if it pans out for delivery at all. […]

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Apr 212004

First, an apology: This post really belongs in my personal blog instead of the Delphi Compiler Core. Seeing as how I haven’t had time to finish setting up the personal blog, I’m requisitioning this space. The Road Trip Tokyo Friday, April 23 Advisor, Customer visit to discuss Delphi for .NET Sydney Tuesday/Wednesday April 27-28 Speaker, […]