Sep 142012

Stage 2 of my personal Own Your Words quest has been completed. 75 articles I wrote for the Delphi Compiler Core blog from 2003 to 2005 while at Borland are now republished here on my personal site. You can find them all in the Delphi Compiler Core category. This archiving task was considerably more of […]

Sep 132012

In the spirit of Own Your Words I recently completed importing all 81 articles I published on my “Windows Live Quantum Mechanics” blog on MSDN while I worked at Microsoft in the Windows Live development group (2006-2007). These articles are now archived on my personal web site under the Windows Live Quantum Mechanics category. I’d like to give […]

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Own Your Words

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Sep 122012

I learned the “Own Your Words” mantra the hard way several years ago. I’ve blogged on technical topics under a number of banners and web sites over the years. My blog moved twice while at Borland as new/better blog services came online every few years. While at Microsoft I was delighted to have the opportunity […]

Broadening Horizons

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Aug 212012
Broadening Horizons

In the spirit of consolidating my online identity onto a server I control and actually own the content, I’m repurposing to include non-software stuff I’m into as well as the software and technology related stuff I’ve posted here for years. I have been intending to build separate sites for my various fields of interest, […]

Jul 042008, the commercial blog hosting company that uses blog software from, is adding Google Gears support to their hosted blog service. Initially, this will only speed up use of the blog administration pages by caching the scripts and images locally.  This isn’t really the best use of Gears, since the browser will cache content as it’ is […]

Sep 142007
MIX07 UK Blogging

The title of honorary MIX07 UK stenographer goes to Sebastien Lambla (aka SerialSeb) for transcribing nearly word for word just about every session he attended this week, in realtime!  Check out the detail in his notes on “Building Next Generation Web Applications using Windows Live Services”, for example.  He has half a dozen more posts […]

Sep 112007
Blogging at ReMix07 London

I’m sitting next to Angus in the back row of the ReMix07 London keynote.  Angus is blogging in Windows Live Writer, and the guy on the other side of him is blogging in Windows Live Writer.  Everyone loves a parade, so here I am blogging in Windows Live Writer, too. It’s times like these when I wish […]

May 272007
Hosting Silverlight On A Server That Won't Host .JS Files

Torontonian “wavesmash” has been tinkering with getting a Silverlight app up and running on his Blogger blog.  Silverlight Streaming got him most of the way there, but he found the recommended pattern of placing the Silverlight control construction in a separate createSilverlight.js file became a show stopper because Blogger won’t let you serve .js files from […]

Apr 302007

Live blogging during our 30 Minute Social Application.  I’m not in the audience, I’m presenting the session! Watch the video of this session     This post was originally published on my MSDN blog while I was at Microsoft.

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Aug 292006

Out of frustration with the msdn blog server’s sluggish response on the administration side of the house, I decided to take a quick look at the recently launched Windows Live Writer (beta) blog composition tool. I normally avoid installing stuff on the local machine, particularly for blogging, because I move between different machines quite a bit.  Nothing […]

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Jan 132005

After many weeks of deferrals, and forgetting, and travel, and workload, and more forgetting, a grand convergence of forces was witnessed today resulting in the migration of the Delphi Compiler Core blog articles from the original location to the “new” server. The actual conversion took all of about 30 seconds. The reader comments […]

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Dec 092004

As I sit down to jot some notes for the blog, I have to chuckle a bit as I make a small discovery about my own blogging patterns: More often than not, these blog entries are written on the road, in the quiet moments between gate change announcements and powered device curfew on board. “white […]

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Nov 292004

Just a heads up note: This blog will be moving to the Borland Blog Central server in the next few weeks. Migration of this blog’s year and a half worth of articles should be fairly painless using Anders Ohlsson’s migration utility (written in Delphi). The hard part will be migrating the viewer comments… not quite […]

Sep 132004

“Live blogging” is catching on among this year’s BorCon attendees. It certainly helps to have wireless network coverage blanketing the entire San Jose Convention Center (well, everywhere except the lobby seating area). Nick Hodges (here), Joe White (here), Marco Cantu, Robert Love (here), Jim McKeeth(here) and others are busily tap-tap-tapping away their visceral impressions during […]

Blog Firings

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Sep 012004

How do you spot a pioneer? Look for the arrows in their back. Troutgirl gets fired from Friendster for blog articles While I don’t find anything particularly objectionable in her two posts about her work at Friendster, it’s my guess that it was not the content of her posts that got her fired, but the […]

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Jun 182004

The Borland blog server is now up, and a torrent of new Borland bloggers and blog posts are pouring in. Check it out! I’ll be migrating this Delphi Compiler Core blog over to the Borland blog server as soon as I have time to configure a skin for it.

May 062004

Whoa, nellie. The reaction to Sunday’s kicking of the hornet’s nest has gotten a little out of hand. Even Scoble picked it up (in a nice way), which is as close as I want to get to being Slashdotted again. (Chris Pratley is doing a fine job of keeping the “net thugs” busy) First off, […]