Jun 092004

> IMO, > this is the cost-effectiveness you should be striving for. If you > can achieve it, you will reap the requisite revenue to justify that > noble action. Really taking care of your customer base. Could there > be more air-tight business case? If I had 20 sharp programmers sitting around looking for […]

Mar 312004
64bit Delphi Sightings

While Allen takes a break from blogging to salvage what he can from a dying hard disk (repeated platform installs and uninstalls are brutal on hard disk actuators), I can elbow my way back into the network pool here in the Microsoft hardware dev labs to show the fruits of todays labors: Control Sample The […]

Jul 182003

Itanium is orders of magnitude more difficult to gen for than AMD 64. That means Borland product management will need to see orders of magnitude more customers wielding pitchforks and cash demanding native Itanium codegen. I would love to take a crack at AMD-64. ‘Twould be a piece of cake and a pleasure compared to […]