A Wee Wisp

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Jul 282012
A Wee Wisp

The blue “wisps” in this piece are very hard to see in these photos, but jump out and dance in direct sunlight. The shadowy sprites are the by-product of an uncharacteristically gluttonous glaze interaction. This black base glaze has a tendency to swallow up color that is put over it, but for this particular top […]

Black & Tan Bowl

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Jul 282012
Black & Tan Bowl

What do you get when you float a half pint of ale over a half pint of stout? A Black & Tan! Shino rim over saturated iron / teadust brown. Stoneware. Slipcast from 3D printed mold bowl #1.

Brown Mug

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Jul 282012
Brown Mug

The almost fabric texture on this mug is an example of glaze thickness sensitivity. This teadust iron glaze (a form of tenmoku) forms a creamy base color in thicker areas, and a dark brown in thinner areas. The fabric like texture is the result of brushing the glaze on in multiple layers, each layer perpendicular […]

Jan 042012

Create a Web Service with .NET WCF. Plink, plink, done. Create a simple Java client to call that web service. Using the default Java SE 7u2 SDK + runtime downloadable from Oracle, you run wsimport to import the service WSDL and generate proxy classes. You write a little code to instantiate the service class and […]

Jul 152011

Kudos to ZCorp for their recent new video reaching a lot of people (3.9 million views on YouTube as of this writing) who clearly had never heard of 3d printing before. However, all these 3D noobs blathering on about “wow! 3D printing is brand new!” and “star trek replicators are real!” is really becoming irritating.  […]

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Jul 112011

Google+’s Circles feature to organize your contacts into distinct groups is generating a lot of discussion about how to best use this new tool.  Some people are exited to finally have a degree of privacy and publishing control not found in Twitter, Facebook or other social sites. But is this privacy control or merely “privacy […]

Jul 022011

We’ve had a Brother MFC 5860CN multifunction printer/fax/scanner in the office here for a couple of years. It’s a dependable little office helper, and does a good enough job of scanning for office paperwork. The old XP laptop has long been the scanning portal for our office.  Remote Desktop into the laptop, scan stuff into […]

Jun 092011

Ah, WPF.  You’ve dotted your tees and crossed your eyes and your data bound control is still not showing any data from your collection.  You set a breakpoint in the property getter that is providing the collection data, the breakpoint gets hit and returns your data, but the data doesn’t appear at the other end […]

Feb 182011

I’ve been exploring the recent CTP5 release of .NET Entity Frameworks 4.0.  I find the advancements in the “Code First” model of entity modeling encouraging, though I am a little concerned about discoverability.  If things just magically happen when you name your properties just the right way, how will you know how to diagnose and […]

Side Effects of Hash-Bang URLs

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Feb 092011

Mike Davies recently posted a scathing review of everything Lifehacker did wrong that led up to their recent site-wide outage. The root culprit, according to Davies: converting their site from using normal URLs to address content pages to using hash-bang URLs instead. I have no opinion on whether hash-bang URLs are the new root of […]

Jan 132011

If you’re trying to generate classes or a dataset from an XSD schema file using the Visual Studio XSD.EXE command line utility and the only thing you’re getting out of XSD.EXE is an error message of  Error: There was an error processing ‘xyz-schema.xml’.   – DataSet cannot instantiate an abstract ComplexType for the node . […]

Nov 122010

If you do a web search for how to use the LINQ XPathSelectElement function, the example code you will find falls into two categories:  Those that don’t use namespaces at all, and those that use the same namespace prefix in the query as in the original document. Using no XML namespace at all when querying […]

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Elastic Computing

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Oct 222010

Maarten Balliauw wrote a nice piece (with lots of pretty pictures and diagrams ;> ) about using Azure cloud infrastructure to take up excess load during periods of peak traffic beyond what your in-house hardware can handle.  The idea is you can run your server app on your existing hardware most of the time, but in […]