Windows Live Quantum Mechanics

I published a “Windows Live Quantum Mechanics” blog on MSDN when I worked on the Windows Live team at Microsoft, 2006-2008. Those articles are archived here.

Microsoft’s online presence has changed quite a bit over the years. Many of the Microsoft services and links in these archived posts are no longer valid. I don’t intend to fix or delete those links. Historical content that is long past relevance is less about the details and more about the journey.

Oct 052006

Our next iteration on the contacts control (nee gadget) is now live and ready for you to experiment with! The snapshot of the contacts control in the online documentation is a static image. The one below is not!  This a live (as in real) contacts control sitting in an iframe on this blog page. Go head, click on it.  Login […]

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Sep 192006

We’re on track for an end-of-month release of the next iteration of the Windows Live Contacts control.  The September rev will include quite a bit of UI polish and bug fixing, as well as a significant internal reorg to put the code base on a smooth path for long-term versioning and maintainability.  Essentially, we’re evolving […]

Aug 302006

The Windows Live Contacts gadget is picking up speed and interest, and we’re starting to see some common factors in questions and conversations with web application teams inside Microsoft and out. Q: The gadget sample code doesn’t load on my web page!  All I see is a white box.  What’s wrong? A: Woops!  There was a typo […]

Aug 292006

Out of frustration with the msdn blog server’s sluggish response on the administration side of the house, I decided to take a quick look at the recently launched Windows Live Writer (beta) blog composition tool. I normally avoid installing stuff on the local machine, particularly for blogging, because I move between different machines quite a bit.  Nothing […]

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Aug 292006

Woohoo!  Parallel Linq! eWeek has an article talking about a new project at Microsoft called Plinq whose goal is to spread a Linq query across multiple processors.  Anders Hejlsberg discusses the potential performance advantages of distributing work across multiple processors. The article also cites a blog post last September by some Borland guy blathering on […]

Aug 182006

I’m pleased to announced the beta release of a new kind of web component:  the Windows Live Contacts Gadget! What’s it for? The contacts gadget is client-side JavaScript that enables end users to use their Windows Live contacts (from Windows Live Mail/Hotmail and Messenger) with third party (non-Microsoft) web sites, conveniently and securely.  The gadget works with any web […]

Aug 012006

I’ve made a quick run up to Redmond for Tuesday/Wednesday to take part in the .NET Languages Symposium 2006 (aka LANG.NET2006).  I’ll be speaking (Wed at 2pm) on lessons learned about the state of web app development (in particular, JavaScript) while building out Windows Live. The point is not so much to gripe about JavaScript’s failings (it’s […]

Jul 312006

Here’s an interesting mashup:  Michael Scherotter (the MindMap guy) has added address lookup and route finding to MindManager using Virtual Earth web services.  He says the idea came to him at Mashup Camp, and took root in planning a family vacation. It’s an interesting cross-pollination in part because it’s a mashup between domains that normally […]

Jul 262006

Here’s an interesting little data point to put on your radar:  Nathan Herring, long time Microsoft Macintosh developer, has joined the MiniCLR team, a core component of WPF/E. Now, what do you think Mike Harsh and the “Windows Presentation Foundation / Everywhere” team have cooking to keep a Mac addict entertained?   Originally published on […]

Jul 252006

It’s official!  Charlie Calvert, long time Delphi evangelist at Borland and C# developer at Falafel, and consummate writer, has joined Microsoft’s C# team as Community Program Manager.  Charlie is a wonderful speaker, and by his very nature has a calming effect on people.  He’s a great addition to the C# team. Welcome, Charlie!   Originally published […]

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Jul 192006

Mashup Camp brought together some 400 people interested in developing web applications quickly by combining mutiple data sources or services in interesting ways.  This being my first “unconference”, I found the just-in-time and minimal organization of the camp an interesting study in the balance of forces between anarchy and social grace. The camp itself ran […]

Jul 132006

This discussion, led by Johannes Ernst, sought to explore ways to improve the user experience in maintaining personal information across multiple web sites. Multiple logins on multiple sites are more than just a nuisance for the end user – a typical pattern of behavior is that end users tend to use the same login id and […]

Jul 132006

Mashup Camp is rolling along, purposefully on the edge of giddy chaos.  It’s an interesting mix of people – independent (for pay) developers, corporate devs, passionate hobbyists, venture capitalists, press, and service providers.  Everybody is interested in what everybody else is doing, and which ones look and/or work best.  The venture caps wander from discussion […]

Jul 122006

In times like these I’m reminded of Captain Jack Sparrow, who, when caught between a hoard of hungry cannibals on one side and a sheer cliff of death on the other, elloquently and concisely summed up the situation thusly: “Bugger!” The technology rollout that I hinted at in the terrible tease of my previous post will not be happening this week at […]

Jul 102006
Mashup Camp!  And a Crack of Thunder...

I’m off to Mashup Camp this week!   Monday and Tuesday are pegged for Mashup University, with a more traditional conference session structure, and the unstructured (or just-in-time structured) mashup camp is on Wednesday. I’m told that last year’s camp was nothing short of a web geek tech orgy, so these next few days should be a lot […]

Jul 082006

Toronto was sunny, warm, and surprisingly windy – perfect weather!  Highly recommended over Toronto’s November offerings. I had a day to kill between TechEd and the TDUG meeting Monday night, so Bruce McGee took me over to Toronto’s Pacific Mall to cruise for cool greymarket gadgets, unfamiliar anime titles, and big-name DVDs of dubious origin. Oh! And don’t forget the walnut […]

Jun 212006

TechEd 2006 was quite an event.  Nearly 10,000 people converging on the new Boston Convention Center is a sight to behold.  I was at TechEd in part as a crash course to learn my team’s messages and the Microsoft messages, to learn how to use the other services in the Windows Live service cloud, and […]

Jun 112006

The new homepage for Windows Live Developers  has launched!  Whether you call it “LiveDev” or “devlive”, this is the part of Windows Live that is focused exclusively on developers.  Most of the other Windows Live properties are geared for consumers (hundreds of millions of ’em), such as Windows Live Mail and Windows Live Messenger.  For gearheads who […]

Apr 212006

Long time colleague Bruce McGee expressed in email some concerns about Microsoft openness and interop, and general trustworthiness to do the right thing: “[Concerning the new job at Microsoft], I’m hoping it’s really cool stuff for you and really usable stuff (in a lot of different ways) for guys like me.  Just please try to avoid […]