Windows Live Quantum Mechanics

I published a “Windows Live Quantum Mechanics” blog on MSDN when I worked on the Windows Live team at Microsoft, 2006-2008. Those articles are archived here.

Microsoft’s online presence has changed quite a bit over the years. Many of the Microsoft services and links in these archived posts are no longer valid. I don’t intend to fix or delete those links. Historical content that is long past relevance is less about the details and more about the journey.

Apr 302007
MIX07 Keynote: Silverlight With Cross-Platform .NET Runtime

Soundbyte streams from the MIX07 keynote, live and raw: Ray Ozzie on platforms, emergence of rich web apps doesn’t mean stand-alone client apps are going away.  Some apps are best viewed as services with client component, other apps are best viewed as client apps with server components. Shrink wrap isn’t going away, but is likely […]

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Apr 302007

I’m pleased to announce the availability of a new client-side web control for accessing Windows Live services:  The Windows Live Spaces control!  This control enables web visitors to use photos stored in their Windows Live Spaces photo albums with third party web applications. It’s a “photo picker” – the control is not for displaying photos on […]

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Apr 262007

I was installing a new label printer at home a little while ago and noticed mention of a developer SDK in the readme docs. (Yes, some people actually read the readme) I know from experience that getting text to land right side up on a target as small as an address label can be a pain in the neck using good […]

Mar 292007

Scott drops into Blood Gulch to show the Reds a thing or two (or three) about thoroughness… (Uses the WPF/E browser plugin for video streaming and player skinning) (Skinning the video player, not the Halo players)   This post was originally published on my MSDN blog while I was at Microsoft.

Mar 292007

Michael Scherotter, of MindManager fame, has joined Microsoft as a Developer Evangelist.  I believe his base of operations will continue to be the San Francisco bay area, but if his hyperactivity level at MindJet is any indication we’ll be seeing him all over the world more or less simultaneously.  I look forward to seeing what […]

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Mar 072007
LiveInABox - Windows Live Service APIs and Examples In One Convenient Location

LiveInABox is a collection of sample projects that show how to use the many Windows Live Services in your own web apps.  It’s a 4MB MSI that sets up the sample web apps to run on your localhost IIS server, so you can modify and experiment with them on your local machine. You’ll still need to be […]

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Mar 022007
I'M Making a Difference

A myth is a story that is most likely entirely fiction.  A legend is a story that is based on actual events.  Every once in a great while, a myth can inspire an action that itself becomes legend. You’ve seen chain letters, piling up in your inbox while the spam filters debate whether it’s legit […]

Mar 022007

The Visual Studio team has just launched the Beginner Developer Learning Center, an instructional resource to help budding developers get started in programming.  The curriculum is divided into two tracks – web development and Windows development, and three tiers of experience. Cool.  Now maybe I can figure out what this web development thing is really […]

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Mar 012007

Here’s a headline that’ll grab ya: Are you interested in being part of a select group that is invited to help beta test a new service that lets PC game players connect with their friends on the Xbox through the LIVE gaming network? If you are, please read on. The beta signup form is here:  […]

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Feb 162007

We’ve just rolled out an update to the Windows Live Contacts control, adding language support for German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Korean, and Chinese!  That’s on top of the English, French, and Japanese we hacked together by hand earlier.  If my fingers are correct, that’s 9 languages covering several of the largest populations of web users worldwide. You […]

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Jan 242007

“Dr Bob” Swart of the Netherlands and Jesper Hogstrom of the Borland/DevCo/CodeGear Delphi ECO team have both “tagged” me in this little game of prod-the-next-guy-into-blogging-about-themselves, so I guess I’d better hop to it before any more prods arrive in my inbox. Five things you probably didn’t know about me: 1. I bought the farm.  Literally.  […]

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Jan 172007
Windows Live Contacts Control Shows Online Presence

This month’s rev of the Windows Live Contacts Control adds a new “tile” view that displays the photos of your Windows Live IM contacts in the control, and makes starting an IM session with them a simple one-click operation.  The top part of this screenshot shows the new tile view.  The bottom part is another […]

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Jan 102007

Techie events are a mixed bag.  Some are actually fun to attend, while others are more like work on a stick.  Here are a few picks and pans for 2007. GDC07   March 5 – 9  San Francisco The Game Developers Conference is an entertaining booth crawl for the same reason gaming conventions are fun – you see […]

Dec 182006

If you’ve been following the progress of the Windows Live Contacts Control since its launch this past summer, you may recall that in the second beta release we shifted from a programmatic constructor call style of instantiating the control on the web page to a declarative html element with attributes style.  On page load, our […]

Dec 122006

We’ve rolled out another release of the Windows Live Contacts Control today, this time adding a write API that enables host web pages to programmatically add and delete contacts with the end user’s approval.  Earlier releases of the contacts control were strictly read-only; the host page could only receive the contact data that the user […]

Nov 152006
TechEd Barcelona Wrap-up

I figured out why I hadn’t been able to find Nikhil in the speakers lounge to chat about client-side web app bits – he wasn’t in Barcelona!  He had to cancel due to illness (he’s much better now).  Jeff Prosise graciously offered to cover Nikhil’s TechEd talks. After the conference day was done, the Dutch contingent […]

Nov 092006
TechEd TechEd TechEd

Ok, so I’m running out of clever headlines. Nikhil Kothari‘s AJAX scripting talk was filled to the brim, so I headed over to Steve Teixeira‘s C++ roadmap session.  In transit, I crossed paths with the three Dutch amigos (who took me trekking across downtown Barcelona last night in search of beer and dinner) who were also headed […]

Nov 082006

Paul Foster pulled me aside yesterday to say a few words about Windows Live for the VirtualSide video series that is following the events here at TechEd Europe.  Talking heads here: Dinner last night was with Steve Teixeira and a few C++ MVPs.  Since none of us spoke Spanish, ordering from the menu was […]

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Nov 072006

Two words:  No debugger. Part of our charter here in the Windows Live team is to support as many browsers as practical.  I’d received reports that our Windows Live Contacts control doesn’t do much in an Opera browser, so in the calm following the signing off our most recent “sprint” I indulged in a diversion to trek off […]

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Oct 242006

  I’ll be speaking at the Microsoft TechEd: Developer conference in Barcelona Nov 7-10 about Windows Live and the client-side webapp infrastructure and APIs that we’re building.  I’ll do two sessions, DEV210 on the Windows Live platform in general with specific focus on opportunities for developers, and DEV233 which is a deep-dive into the APIs that […]