Windows Live Quantum Mechanics

I published a “Windows Live Quantum Mechanics” blog on MSDN when I worked on the Windows Live team at Microsoft, 2006-2008. Those articles are archived here.

Microsoft’s online presence has changed quite a bit over the years. Many of the Microsoft services and links in these archived posts are no longer valid. I don’t intend to fix or delete those links. Historical content that is long past relevance is less about the details and more about the journey.

Oct 052007
Leaving Microsoft

As I’ve been wrapping up our 2nd generation cross-domain in-browser communication channel API, I’ve been nosing around and thinking about what my next project should be.  There’s no shortage of tasks to do in Windows Live, and I had a few leads for interesting projects elsewhere within Microsoft as well. Just as I cleared my […]

Sep 282007
Cross-Domain Communication Using Domain Lowering

More than a few blog posts ago I stated my intent to publish a series of articles on cross-domain communication techniques.  More time has passed than I had intended, but at last here is the start of that series of articles.  The series will explore progressively more advanced cross-domain techniques as well as their strengths […]

Sep 272007
TMobile HotSpot at Home Phones Get Smarter

TMobile announced this week the addition of the Blackberry 8230 “Curve” to the list of cell phones supported by TMobile’s [email protected] WiFi phone service. This is a big step up in handset functionality over the minimalistic handsets that the service launched with earlier this year.  I’m very tempted to jump in, since the Blackberry can […]

Sep 242007
Halo 3 Launched!

Halo 3 has officially hit the streets!  Besides the game itself, check out the supporting info on the web, which happens to be implemented in Silverlight: Having been out of the loop on the whole Halo series progression, I found the backstory and character summaries for Halo 3 very informative. Originally published on my […]

Sep 242007
MIX07 UK Podcast with Craig Murphy

I sat down with Craig Murphy to chat about Windows Live and life in general at MIX07 UK.  Craig has just posted a podcast of that conversation. I’ve known Craig for many years through the Delphi community.  I think we first met in person in 2001 at “The Delphi Conference” run by the Borland User Group UK.  Aha! Found a […]

Sep 142007
MIX07 UK Blogging

The title of honorary MIX07 UK stenographer goes to Sebastien Lambla (aka SerialSeb) for transcribing nearly word for word just about every session he attended this week, in realtime!  Check out the detail in his notes on “Building Next Generation Web Applications using Windows Live Services”, for example.  He has half a dozen more posts […]

Sep 112007
The Casual Traveler

Angus laments getting hit unusually hard by jet lag on this UK trip.  This is particularly amusing considering he’s recently imported to Redmond from Australia and generally has far too much energy to safely occupy one body.  I suspect he owns an espresso machine.  Possibly even USB powered and in his bag. Angus’s criteria for professional […]

Sep 112007
Blogging at ReMix07 London

I’m sitting next to Angus in the back row of the ReMix07 London keynote.  Angus is blogging in Windows Live Writer, and the guy on the other side of him is blogging in Windows Live Writer.  Everyone loves a parade, so here I am blogging in Windows Live Writer, too. It’s times like these when I wish […]

Sep 042007
Halo 3 Promo Videos Running on Silverlight Streaming

The promotional campaign for the new Halo 3 FPS has begun with a series of in-game and thematic live action videos.  High-def 2mbps videos are here: Lower bandwidth versions of the same are here: These are already on the msn boards and will be referenced by additional promotional spots throughout the rollout. How is […]

Aug 242007
MSN's The Podium 08 - Built On Silverlight

MSN just launched The Podium ’08 as part of their 2008 US Presidential election coverage.  The Podium ’08 brings together data on presidential candidates for voters and election followers to explore by topic and compare candidates head to head on specific issues. What’s interesting about The Podium is that the content is not canned editorial material.  When […]

Aug 242007
Where Have We Heard That Before?

Yesterday the Seattle Times ran an article about Penny Arcade and the overnight success of the Penny Arcade Expo.  I had to laugh a little when the article used the words “imploded” and “E3” in the same sentence.  I used pretty much the same pairing of words back in my January 2007 Events Calendar post. […]

Aug 152007

Windows Live SkyDrive (formerly known as Folders) is now in beta, enabling end users to store arbitrary data on the web under password access control.  Files can be accessed over http(s) from web pages and from stand-alone client applications (thanks to the http file handler add-on in XPSP2).  Files can be private to your Windows […]

Aug 082007
New In The Windows Live Contacts Control: Incremental Search!

Another month, another release!  This month we’ve added incremental search to the contacts and presence controls to make it easier to find a particular contact in your haystack of hundreds of family, friends, and coworkers.  Just type in a few letters of the name or word you’re looking for, and the control will reduce the […]

Aug 032007
Black Pixels Cost Less?

I was recently introduced to a Google search wrapper called  It’s sole claim to fame is that it displays a Google-like search page, but with a background color of black.  Why? claims that black pixels require less energy to display than white pixels, so if everyone who uses Google were to see a […]

Jun 282007
Custom Colors in the Windows Live Web Controls

The Windows Live Web Controls now support custom colors!  The Windows Live Contacts web control and Windows Live Spaces web control now accept additional parameters to specify the text and background colors of the inner and outer regions of the controls so that you can “skin” the controls to more naturally blend in with your […]

Jun 282007
T-Mobile Rolls Out WiFi Cell Support

At last!  T-Mobile has rolled out their long-awaited HotSpot @Home service nationwide.  This enables you to make and receive cellphone calls over WiFi networks when in range of a WiFi access point and seamlessly transfer calls between WiFi and cellular networks.  The service also includes WiFi access through thousands of T-Mobile HotSpots at cafes and public places across the […]

Jun 272007
ZeroGravity: Casual Gaming in Silverlight

Looks like the folks at terralever are going full-bore on Silverlight:  They’ve implemented a delightfully addictive puzzle game called ZeroGravity using the Silverlight 1.1 Alpha runtime. Check it out! It’ll be interesting to see how long before my #5 high score (9997) rolls out of the top ten. via Tim Heuer Originally published on my […]

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Jun 252007
LinkedIn to Add an API?

Dan Farber writes that LinkedIn‘s Chairman, Reid Hoffman, has commented that he plans to roll out developer APIs to access the LinkedIn contacts database.  Great news! The downside:  It won’t be ready until 2008.  Bummer.  How much further will the other social networks have outpaced LinkedIn by then? Originally published on my MSDN blog.

Jun 182007
Secure Cross-Domain Communication:  The Architecture Journal

The June issue (Journal 12) of The Architecture Journal focuses on web architecture.  I was delighted to be invited to contribute, and wrote “Secure Cross-Domain Communication in the Browser” for this issue.  In the article I describe a somewhat bizarre technique we use in the Windows Live Contacts web control and Windows Live Spaces web control to move data from […]