Mashup Camp, Day 1

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Nov 172008
Mashup Camp, Day 1

I dropped by the Computer History Museum today to check out this year’s Mashup Camp and see what’s hot and what’s not.  Turnout was good, about the same as what I remember at Mashup Camp in 2006 (or was it 2007?) – roughly 150 people milling about. Today was pretty much sponsor’s day – the […]

Nov 142008
How Do I Mesh Thee?  Let Me Count The Ways

A few folks I’ve talked to in the Live Frameworks CTP forum or in email have expressed a little bit of confusion or a lot of surprise at what you can do with the Live Mesh platform and Live Frameworks. Let’s run through a few of scenarios to give you an idea of the breadth of options you have to leverage Live […]

Oct 142008

Dion Almer of Ajaxian fame has announced he is leaving Google to head up a new developer tools group at Mozilla with longtime friend and Ajaxian cofounder Ben Galbraith.  The two are quite the dynamic duo in the web development sphere and should bring a lot of energy and fresh ideas to the table in […]

Sep 262008

Scott Guthrie has announced the availability of Silverlight 2 Release Candidate.  Scott’s post also delves into some of the details of this release, including new controls and near-final UI skins for the entire Silverlight control set.  Check it out!

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Jul 282008

In the fall of 2006 I was wrestling with VS debugging JavaScript in IE and Venkman in Firefox teasing out problems and holes in the cross-domain channel library we were building for Windows Live and the Windows Live Contacts Control. One of the most aggrevating aspects of debugging cross-domain JavaScript is that JavaScript debuggers do not provide the same […]

Jul 252008

Eric Meyer has put together a proposal for HTML 5 to enable an HTML document to associate URL links with just about every visual HTML element type. This would make it much easier to make a blockquote link to the source of the quote, and would enable things that are currently impossible in HTML such […]

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Jul 232008

Stoyan Stefanov writes about Non-Blocking JavaScript Downloads on the Yahoo User Interface Blog.  Good content all around, but I’d like to add a note on an item he somewhat casually skimmed over. In the “Dependencies” section of the article, Stefanov describes using the onLoad or onReadyStateChange events of the dynamically generated script tag to receive […]

Jul 212008

Lukas Biewald lays bare his frustrations with Amazon’s S3 service, particularly after the recent S3 service outtage that left his FaceStat business offline for more than 7 hours recently.  Actually, Lukas has double posted on this issue – he has a much more scathing criticism of S3 over on his own blog:  “Amazon S3 Screws […]

WordPress 2.6 Released

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Jul 172008

WordPress.org has announced a new 2.6 version of the WordPress online blogging and content management system. Major features in this release include revision history, comparison, and rollback of edits made to articles, a “Press this” link to automate blogging about other web pages, theme previews to see how a theme would look on your content […]

Jul 092008

John and Bronwen of SoulSolutions have completed an RSS upgrade for the Australian government Prints And Printmaking web site, which gives free public access to something like 18,000 images of artwork in the National Gallery of Australia.  With all those images indexed in RSS, you can now browse those works of art in PicLens halfway […]

Jul 042008

WordPress.com, the commercial blog hosting company that uses blog software from WordPress.org, is adding Google Gears support to their hosted blog service. Initially, this will only speed up use of the blog administration pages by caching the scripts and images locally.  This isn’t really the best use of Gears, since the browser will cache content as it’ is […]

Jun 252008

In getting back up to speed with Silverlight, and in particular the new Silverlight 2 beta 2, I’ve been surfing through the many quickstart topics on various web sites. While skimming “Receiving Plain XML Messages with Silverlight” these words lept out at me: note: The WebClient class does not currently support cross-domain calls. Say what? […]

Brilliant Grasp of the Obvious

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Jun 182008

Carnegie Mellon researchers have devised a photo analysis engine, IMG2GPS, that can make a guess as to the location of a photo based on similar photos found on Internet photo sharing web sites such as Flickr.  The image analysis technique doesn’t dwell on identifying specific objects in the photo, but looks for similarities in lines and colors. Since […]

Jun 042008

Somewhere in the past few months of massive construction, San Jose Airport (SJC) added free wifi access in terminal C.  Woohoo! Pay-as-you-go Wayport is still the dominant/default access point, but if you browse through the list of available wireless networks you’ll find “sjcfreewifi” blinking back at you.  It’s fast, it’s free, and it actually works! Thank goodness for […]

Gallery To Support PicLens

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Mar 192008

The Gallery project, perhaps the most widely used open-source photo gallery web server subsystem in the world, is updating their RSS feed generator module to support mediaRSS.  That means you will soon be able to view your Gallery-managed web photos in PicLens!  In this message thread on the Gallery discussion forums, user ‘valiant’ mentions that the new mediaRSS (PicLens!) support […]

WordPress 2.5 Sneak Peak

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Mar 182008

Looks like WordPress is prepping for a major rennovation of their administrative UI in an upcoming 2.5 release.  The screenshots look great.  I just hope this doesn’t break the API level stuff used by tens of thousands of blog templates.

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Serving RSS on IIS

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Mar 162008

A couple of website authors out there have had a little difficulty figuring out how to get their web sites set up with mediaRSS feeds to support PicLens browsing.  You can follow our instructions for how to construct a mediaRSS feed and link it into your HTML pages and still get no joy from PicLens […]

Fotki -> mediaRSS -> PicLens!

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Mar 082008
Fotki -> mediaRSS -> PicLens!

Photo sharing site Fotki.com has implemented mediaRSS feeds in their photo albums and image search results, which means you can surf millions of Fotki photos in PicLens! A Fotki search for “butterfly” returns this Fotki page, which looks even better in PicLens: You can also view Fotki photo albums in PicLens. Here’s an album carefully […]