Jul 252008

Eric Meyer has put together a proposal for HTML 5 to enable an HTML document to associate URL links with just about every visual HTML element type. This would make it much easier to make a blockquote link to the source of the quote, and would enable things that are currently impossible in HTML such […]

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Jul 232008

Stoyan Stefanov writes about Non-Blocking JavaScript Downloads on the Yahoo User Interface Blog.  Good content all around, but I’d like to add a note on an item he somewhat casually skimmed over. In the “Dependencies” section of the article, Stefanov describes using the onLoad or onReadyStateChange events of the dynamically generated script tag to receive […]

Jul 212008

Lukas Biewald lays bare his frustrations with Amazon’s S3 service, particularly after the recent S3 service outtage that left his FaceStat business offline for more than 7 hours recently.  Actually, Lukas has double posted on this issue – he has a much more scathing criticism of S3 over on his own blog:  “Amazon S3 Screws […]

WordPress 2.6 Released

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Jul 172008 has announced a new 2.6 version of the WordPress online blogging and content management system. Major features in this release include revision history, comparison, and rollback of edits made to articles, a “Press this” link to automate blogging about other web pages, theme previews to see how a theme would look on your content […]

Jul 152008

I found a happy little email in my inbox this morning. It was a note from Handango informing me that my application to become a Handango Developer partner has been approved.  Woohoo! Ya, you know, that application I submitted more than THREE YEARS AGO when I was at Borland experimenting with writing .NET CF apps for my […]

Jul 092008

John and Bronwen of SoulSolutions have completed an RSS upgrade for the Australian government Prints And Printmaking web site, which gives free public access to something like 18,000 images of artwork in the National Gallery of Australia.  With all those images indexed in RSS, you can now browse those works of art in PicLens halfway […]

Jul 042008, the commercial blog hosting company that uses blog software from, is adding Google Gears support to their hosted blog service. Initially, this will only speed up use of the blog administration pages by caching the scripts and images locally.  This isn’t really the best use of Gears, since the browser will cache content as it’ is […]

Jul 022008

The PicLens guys and gals have rolled out a new 1.7 release with quite a few new navigational aides and features.  I’m a little late to the party with this post, as 1.7 went public a few weeks ago while I was distracted with bootstrapping the new job at Microsoft. The three headliners for this […]

Between the Lines

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Jun 302008

There has been a bit of pot-stirring on the blogs this weekend. Dare Obasanjo reflects on recent migrations of Google engineers to Microsoft, using the “e” word (exodus). Dion Almaer fires back, pointing out that people move between companies all the time, hardly justification for the “exodus”. Both are right, and both are wrong. First […]

Jun 262008

In the midst of writing some Silverlight code, something struck my funny bone:  .NET has an Application.Current.  “Current” suggests “now”, and its existance suggests there was a need to distinguish “now” from something else.  Does that mean there could be an Application.Next?  Application.Future?  Application.Past?  Those could save me a lot of effort.  How will I […]

Jun 252008

In getting back up to speed with Silverlight, and in particular the new Silverlight 2 beta 2, I’ve been surfing through the many quickstart topics on various web sites. While skimming “Receiving Plain XML Messages with Silverlight” these words lept out at me: note: The WebClient class does not currently support cross-domain calls. Say what? […]

Jun 212008

So here I am configuring my dev machine in Redmond from my laptop in my home office in Santa Cruz.  I’m all VPN’d and security card authenticated up the wazoo, installing this and configuring that on the dev machine via Remote Desktop.  (Praise be to RD!) I get Hyper-V set up on the dev machine so I […]

Brilliant Grasp of the Obvious

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Jun 182008

Carnegie Mellon researchers have devised a photo analysis engine, IMG2GPS, that can make a guess as to the location of a photo based on similar photos found on Internet photo sharing web sites such as Flickr.  The image analysis technique doesn’t dwell on identifying specific objects in the photo, but looks for similarities in lines and colors. Since […]

Silverlight 2 Beta 2 Released

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Jun 092008

In all the excitement of getting oriented in the new digs at Microsoft, I almost missed the news that Silverlight 2 beta 2 has been released!  You can get the goods from  I found a nice overview of what Silverlight 2 and beta 2 have over on the GeekValley blog. Lots to dig into in […]

YouTube Exec Joins Cooliris

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Jun 042008

Om Malik notes YouTube exec Sashi Seth is now Cooliris chief revenue officer. I’ve had the pleasure of talking with Sashi for the past few weeks at Cooliris, and have been impressed with his knowledge of the online advertising space and his drive to make things happen. Cooliris intends to pay the bills using advertising, but has been hampered […]

Jun 042008

Somewhere in the past few months of massive construction, San Jose Airport (SJC) added free wifi access in terminal C.  Woohoo! Pay-as-you-go Wayport is still the dominant/default access point, but if you browse through the list of available wireless networks you’ll find “sjcfreewifi” blinking back at you.  It’s fast, it’s free, and it actually works! Thank goodness for […]

Into the Maelstrom.. Again

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May 282008

Curious title…  ring any bells?  No, not the story by Edgar Allen Poe.  I wrote an article a long time ago (2 years, 1 month, and 12 days) with this title to announce my joining the Windows Live team at Microsoft. I worked from my home in Santa Cruz (California), working with my team in Redmond […]

May 142008

In the recently released Piclens build, we’ve added support for displaying non-English / non-Western language characters in the image titles on the PicLens 3D wall.  You can see the results on mediaRSS photo web sites in Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and other languages.  You can also play with this with carefully placed queries to major image search […]

Apr 212008

We’re flattered, delighted, and ecstatic that so many web sites are directing their users to download PicLens.  Great!  The more the merrier. Just one thing:  Web site authors, please be careful how you link to the PicLens downloads.  PicLens supports a wide variety of browsers and operating systems, and different downloads are required for each.  Please don’t […]