Delphi Compiler Core

I published a “Delphi Compiler Core” blog (2003-2005) while working at Borland on the Delphi R&D team (1990-2005). Those articles are archived here.

Borland is no more. The Delphi product and dev teams have passed through a few hands since then, but none of the old domain names are still around so links in these articles may be broken. I don’t intend to fix or delete broken links. Historical content that is long past relevance is less about the details and more about the journey.

Sep 272005

Here are a few notes on our current plans for the next few Delphi product releases: 2005 – DeXter The next release of the Delphi product family, code named “DeXter” will further advance developer productivity through enhancements in Code Insight, Code Completion, Code Templates, and refactoring across all the Delphi IDE’s language personalities.  Significant language and […]

Sep 152005

Language Integrated Query (LINQ) is clearly the hot topic of PDC this year.  Windows Vista dominated the keynotes and looked very pretty up there on the screen, but nothing gets developers salivating like language enhancements.  What is LINQ, really, and what does it mean for Delphi? The founding premise behind LINQ’s many facets is that there is […]

Sep 132005

Clear, Confident, Connected.  These are the mantra of Microsoft’s Windows Vista, rolled out in this morning’s keynote addresses at PDC. Clear Microsoft aims to make information clearer through slick UI presentation, data organization, and data slicing.  I’m not sure if having multiple video feeds playing on screen simultaneously necessarily creates greater clarity, but it certainly demos […]

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Off to PDC

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Sep 122005

I’m off to Microsoft’s Professional Development Conference (PDC) this week in Los Angeles.  If you haven’t been to PDC, picture this:  take the US BorCon, multiply by 4 (or is it 10?  hard to count when they won’t sit still), and remove all non-company speakers. PDC’s greatest difference from BorCon is that PDC is exclusively a Microsoft […]

Sep 022005

I’ve seen several bug reports lately complaining that the compiler barfs on Unicode identifiers in certain contexts.  In all cases, the bug reports were in error because the source files were not Unicode encoded text. Here’s the complicated rule: If you want to represent Unicode characters in a source file, the source file needs to be […]

Jul 182005

I’m pleased to announce that the Delphi for .NET Compact Framework Technology Preview compiler is now available for download by registered Delphi 2005 customers here: With this technology preview compiler and the Delphi 2005 toolset, you can explore and experiment with creating Delphi applications for mobile devices such as PDAs and SmartPhones.  There’s no […]

Jun 222005

Paul Spain writes in the ADUG mailing list:  “As the evolution of Borland’s Object Pascal is now effectively bound to the evolution of .NET’s CLS, Delphi will have to wait for Microsoft before we see these features appearing in our tool of choice…” Bullshit. Delphi fans unite:  Whenever someone makes that claim, feel free to grab […]

Jun 082005

Apple’s announcement that it will abandon PowerPC and build future Mac OSX machines on Intel chips has raised a few eyebrows.  How compatible will this Intel Mac hardware be with the well established PC platform?  What about Windows/Mac software portability?  Should Borland create a Delphi for the Intel Mac? Apple’s G4 and G5 Macs are powerful 64 […]

May 122005

In reading this article at uk.builder, one might get the impression that Borland is pulling a SCO scorched earth manuver by maniacally raping and pillaging Open Source advocates over the use of a structure exception handling (SEH) technique that Borland happens to have a patent on.  I find it particularly significant that neither the uk.builder reporter nor […]

Apr 192005

Ken Henderson popped up on the radar recently with this post about the obsolescence of MFC.  Not that I watch the MFC news, but he mentions Delphi’s role in the evolution of development standards and expectations, and how MFC doesn’t cut it. Ken wrote more than a dozen best-selling SQL database books (such as Database Developer’s […]

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Mar 262005

Event notice:  I’ll be speaking at the Australia Delphi User Group Autumn Symposium 2005 at the end of April.  The Sydney symposium is Thursday, April 28;  Melbourne is Friday April 29.  ADUG hosts some great Delphi events, so if you’re anywhere on that side of the planet, check them out!

Mar 222005

While Allen waxes poetic about imagining VCL.NET on mobile devices before CF existed, I’ll take credit for being one of the main forces against pursuing VCL.NET/CF.  I continue to be skeptical, but also hopeful.  That combination should keep Allen and Seppy on their toes for awhile. The biggest reason not to pursue VCL.NET/CF is that it will resemble VCL.NET […]

Mar 182005
Delphi.NET Running on .NET Compact Frameworks

While I’ve been buried in meetings for the past few weeks, Seppy’s been a busy fellow. I asked him to get started on figuring out exactly what .NET bits are missing in CF that the Delphi compiler codegen and RTL rely upon. Here’s his reply:   Wahoo! He found the easiest way to figure out […]

Mar 122005

This week found me and my shadow in Redmond again on errands obscura. Going from meeting to meeting to meeting this week, I recalled a sage warning by Eddie Churchill when he was handling much of the Microsoft technical liaison a few years ago: “You thought you had it tough in the bad old days […]

Mar 112005

Last week Allen and I popped into the Intel Developer Forum held in San Francisco to see what Intel has been up to on the hardware front.  Intel certainly has a lot of interesting stuff in the pipeline, which will continue to push more raw processing capacity into the market at ever decreasing price (per MIP) levels.  After oohing and ahhing […]

Mar 032005

A few weeks ago I was in Redmond for the Whidbey Compiler Development Lab.  It’s been quite awhile (2 years?) since the last dev lab specifically for .NET compiler authors.  It was interesting to see the number of enthusiastic new faces mixed in with the slightly world weary battleaxes. New guys enter the lecture room, […]

Feb 262005

“I want to write PDA apps using Delphi and the .NET Compact Framework. Yet Borland still doesn’t support this. Why not?“ Borland has been in negotiations with Microsoft for the past three years on how Microsoft can support third party tool vendors to produce tools for the .NET Compact Framework. To summarize the discussions and […]