Sep 292010

Starting next Monday, October 4, I will be the latest shiny new employee at BiTKOO! BiTKOO is a small private company doing great things in the identity and authorization management space. After working at Microsoft on Visual Studio extensions for the past 2+ years  (Windows Live Mesh app tools, then Visual Studio Tools for Windows […]

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Jan 092009
New Consumer Product Safety Testing Law Set To Destroy Home Crafts Industry

The new Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) set to go into effect February 10, 2009 will require all products for children to be tested for lead and other toxins.  Protecting children from toxins is a noble cause, but this law is poorly written.  It requires that manufacturers submit every model of their products for toxicity […]

Jun 132008

Latest figures from CDF are 600 acres burned, 10 homes destroyed, currently 25% contained.  CDF says it’s likely they’ll reach 100% containment by Saturday, unless there is a major wind change.  The burned acreage number dropped from last estimate because the air spotters can see more of the fire now that the smoke has thinned […]

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Bonny Doon Fire

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Jun 122008

For friends and family concerned about our proximity to the Bonny Doon wildfire:  we’re ok.  The fire area is about 5 miles south of our home (as of this writing) and heading south / southeast.  It’s on the west side of Empire Grade Road that runs down the spine of Ben Lomond ridge, we’re on the east side […]

Mar 212008

So I got a new laptop for home the other day.  It had Vista Home edition preinstalled.  I really need  remote desktop, which is only available in Vista Ultimate (and Vista Business) edition, so I picked up a Vista Ultimate Upgrade box.  The Vista Upgrade box is a little cheaper than full the full-on Vista Ultimate box. This simple […]

Jan 312008

Ken Henderson, SQL expert and author of numerous SQL and Delphi books, passed away this past Sunday. From online edition of The Oklahoman newspaper: HENDERSON, Kenneth W., 41, died Sunday. Services 1 p.m. Wednesday (Walker, Shawnee). I presume the latter refers to Walker Funeral Services in Shawnee, OK. Thanks to Allen Bauer for sending […]

Sep 112007
The Casual Traveler

Angus laments getting hit unusually hard by jet lag on this UK trip.  This is particularly amusing considering he’s recently imported to Redmond from Australia and generally has far too much energy to safely occupy one body.  I suspect he owns an espresso machine.  Possibly even USB powered and in his bag. Angus’s criteria for professional […]

Jan 242007

“Dr Bob” Swart of the Netherlands and Jesper Hogstrom of the Borland/DevCo/CodeGear Delphi ECO team have both “tagged” me in this little game of prod-the-next-guy-into-blogging-about-themselves, so I guess I’d better hop to it before any more prods arrive in my inbox. Five things you probably didn’t know about me: 1. I bought the farm.  Literally.  […]

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