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Jun 292009

If software programming logic and statements were viewed as literature, what form of literature would yours be? Novel: multiple independent story lines that you hope will eventually converge to make a point. Short story: a limited number of characters with only one point to make Essay: tell ’em what you’re going to say, say it, […]

Mar 032008

My Cooliris cubemate Kevin is a chronic runner.  He has mentioned on more than one occasion about going out for a 6am “refresher” run. 6am! The only way you’ll catch me running at 6am is if my bed is on fire. Actually, a bed on fire would be nice and warm, and hardly an incentive to dash […]

Feb 252008
Colin Powell Visits Cooliris

It was a little after lunch.  The phone rang.  “Who? [Bleep]! I mean, [bleep], yes!  I mean, sure, come on over!”  The email to action:  If you’re anywhere near the office, get over here!  Randy’s bringing General Colin Powell in to see PicLens!! A flurry of activity.  Sweeping away today’s lunch debris.  And yesterday’s lunch debris.  And […]

Schoolbus in the Mirror

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Oct 272007

Sitting at a traffic light Glance in the mirror. Schoolbus approaching. Glance in the mirror. Schoolbus bumper.  Big bumper. Right on my tail. Damned tailgators. And still moving. Ouch!

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Immaculate Garden

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Oct 202007

Walking down a sidewalk Hedges neatly trimmed Every posey in its place Duck! Low branch. Short gardener?

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Nov 152006
TechEd Barcelona Wrap-up

I figured out why I hadn’t been able to find Nikhil in the speakers lounge to chat about client-side web app bits – he wasn’t in Barcelona!  He had to cancel due to illness (he’s much better now).  Jeff Prosise graciously offered to cover Nikhil’s TechEd talks. After the conference day was done, the Dutch contingent […]