PoE Secret Strengths

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Oct 212013

As I build out the network in our home and other buildings on our farm property, I’m rapidly becoming a fan of Power over Ethernet. I got interested in it for the normal reasons (placing wifi access points in places without easy access to power) but now that I have it I’m finding additional perks […]

Jul 152011

Kudos to ZCorp for their recent new video reaching a lot of people (3.9 million views on YouTube as of this writing) who clearly had never heard of 3d printing before. However, all these 3D noobs blathering on about “wow! 3D printing is brand new!” and “star trek replicators are real!” is really becoming irritating.  […]

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Mesh Your Ride

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Dec 052008
Mesh Your Ride

This may be old news to some, but it just popped up on my radar:  Ori Amiga, frustrated with the lack of truely usable and connected smart devices in the automotive market, built his own custom touchscreen PC console for his Porsche.  It’s a full-on PC running Vista and loaded up with GPS, WiFI, BlueTooth, […]

Turning Heat into Power

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Jan 262008

The Discovery Channel reports on a new form of power generation that can convert heat into electricity, apparently at scale. The inventor of this new system is Lonnie Johnson, who also happens to be the inventor of the “Super Soaker” squirt gun.  Johnson’s new focus on electromechanical systems appears to be underwritten by the success […]

Oct 302007
Nikon S51c WiFi: Not Quite Right

I’ve been shopping around for a small point and shoot digital camera since my wonderful little Casio Exilim EX-S20 camera managed to part ways with my luggage on a recent Continental flight to London. (I’ve flown more than half a million miles in recent years on a variety of airlines and never lost anything. My […]

Oct 222007

Gizmag reports that researchers at the University of Michigan have used nanoscale fabrication techniques to create a light-weight transparent composite plastic that’s as strong as steel. The interdisciplinary team of scientists solved a problem that has confounded engineers and scientists for decades: individual nano-size building blocks such as nanotubes, nanosheets and nanorods are ultrastrong, but […]

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