A Tale of Two Bowls

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Aug 212012

Green Rimmed Rivet Bowl

Green Rimmed Doodle Bowl

These two bowls are made with the same stoneware clay, the same glazes, and the same firing temperatures and schedules. They were fired in the kiln together, side by side. And yet the colors are so distinctly different between the two. Why?

The only difference between these two pieces is the thickness of the glaze application. The glazes on the Rivet Bowl were applied more thinly than the same glazes on the Doodle Bowl. The thinner application brings out a more clarified metallic sheen in the gun metal green and more of a deep oiled leather luster in the iron brown. The thinness of the iron brown glaze application inhibits the formation of the teadust or oil spot character you see in the Doodle Bowl.

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