Jul 282012

As I was finishing this bowl with a saturated iron teadust glaze I idlely swirled a finger around in the goop puddling in the bottom of the bowl.  Who doesn’t enjoy a finger swirl in goop every now and then?

I didn’t realize my brief moment of doodling would create a distinct indelible pattern in the final glaze firing. In hindsight, of course the doodles would be noticeable – teadust glazes (a form of tenmoku) are very sensitive to glaze thickness. Thicker areas form more “tea dust” spots on a lighter background, thinner areas form a more uniform dark color.

Next time, the doodles won’t be incidental. Time to brush up on those cappuccino foam fern techniques!

Gun metal green over saturated iron / teadust brown. Gun metal green exterior.