Jul 282012

The blue “wisps” in this piece are very hard to see in these photos, but jump out and dance in direct sunlight.

The shadowy sprites are the by-product of an uncharacteristically gluttonous glaze interaction. This black base glaze has a tendency to swallow up color that is put over it, but for this particular top glaze (which is actually green btw) the black base completely devoured the top color. Well, almost completely.

As I removed this piece from the kiln my heart sank a bit when I saw that the color effect I had intended was not there. I was about to throw this piece into the scrap heap when a tiny sapphire blue sparkle caught my eye. The fluorescent shop lights aren’t the best for seeing true color so I took the bowl out into the sunlight to see what that sparkle was about.

And that’s when I found our wee little wisps dancing on the edge of the abyss!

Subtle and moody
Hauntingly broody
Sapphire sea foam
On Plutonian shores

Blue wisps in black, unglazed exterior. Stoneware. Slipcast from 3D printed mold bowl #1.