Sep 292010

Starting next Monday, October 4, I will be the latest shiny new employee at BiTKOO!

BiTKOO is a small private company doing great things in the identity and authorization management space.

After working at Microsoft on Visual Studio extensions for the past 2+ years  (Windows Live Mesh app tools, then Visual Studio Tools for Windows Azure) it’s time to do something different.  I’ve learned a lot about Visual Studio innards and WPF construction techniques and worked with a lot of great people at Microsoft.

One thing I’ve learned over the years at Borland, Google, Cooliris, and Microsoft is this: The software industry is far too small to ever really say “Goodbye”.  Whether as future co-workers, clients, speakers or conference attendees, chances are good that we’ll meet again.

One of the fun things I like about BiTKOO is that it’s large enough to have a strong product line and revenue stream, but small enough that I can crash on the CEO’s couch when I’m in town.