Dec 152008

I’ll be speaking at the next Bay.NET user group meeting this Wednesday Dec 17 on Live Mesh application development using Live Frameworks.  There will be a few slides, mostly for the infamous but necessary system stack diagrams, but the majority of the session will be spent showing and running code.  I’ll open by exploring the different types of applications that can make use of an end-user’s mesh data and how they might use such cloud storage, then drill down into data sync and how it enables you to write web apps that can run offline, use data offline, and modify data offline, with changes sync’ing back to the cloud as soon as connectivity is restored.  The best part is you can write your app to be completely oblivious of network availability.

I’ve spoken on networking topics on several occasions in recent years, and at least half of them had some sort of hiccup in network service during the presentation.  Demoing Live Services a few years back in a meeting room with no network connection at all was a bit of a challenge! 

It will be such a relief to finally be able to show web stuff regardless of whether the network is there or not!

“Jinx!” you say?  “How dare you challenge the demo gods so! They will be most merciless upon your head!”  Nah.  All you need to discuss Live Mesh development is a pen, whiteboard, and a light (Don’t forget the light! Demo pixies love power outtages).  In a pinch, even the pen and whiteboard are optional.

If you’re in the SF Bay area and curious about what we’re up to with Live Mesh applications, come on out and join us Wednesday evening and get the scoop!