Nov 042008

We’ve discovered a bug in how the Live Framework Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio (“VS tools”) set permission values for Live Mesh-enabled web apps uploaded using the VS tools.  This results in your mesh app running with fewer permissions than the intended default permission set, which will prevent your app from modifying mesh feeds for contacts or news.

You can fix the default permissions on your app after you perform the first upload steps in VS and the dev portal.

  1. Perform the first-time app upload steps in VS to upload the zip to the dev portal and set the app self link in the VS project.
  2. In VS, press F5 again to verify that your mesh app starts up in Live Desktop in the browser, under VS debugger control.
  3. Close the Live Desktop browser to end the debug session.
  4. Open a new browser window and log into Live Desktop (
  5. Select the Apps page. 
  6. Find your mesh app in the list of installed mesh apps.  Click on the name of your mesh app instance to view its details page.

The permissions listed on the details page will look like this:

Read access to my Live Mesh object
Read access to my Windows Live Contacts
Read access to my Live Mesh User News

To adjust the permissions to the correct default values, click on the “Edit” link in the top right corner of the panel.

An “Access Permission” page will be displayed.  Click Cancel to return to the app instance list. 

Click on the app instance link in the installed applications list to view the app’s details page again.

The app permissions should now look like this:

Read access to my Windows Live Profiles
Read access to my Live Mesh Devices
Read and update access to my Windows Live Contacts
Full access to my Live Mesh User News

Your mesh app can now write to its contacts and news feeds.

This permissions adjustment only needs to be done once after the VS tools have uploaded the app for the first time.  Subsequent edits & updates by VS will not change the permissions.

This default permissions bug will be fixed in the next update of the VS tools.

 Originally posted in the Live Framework discussion forum