Oct 142008

Dion Almer of Ajaxian fame has announced he is leaving Google to head up a new developer tools group at Mozilla with longtime friend and Ajaxian cofounder Ben Galbraith.  The two are quite the dynamic duo in the web development sphere and should bring a lot of energy and fresh ideas to the table in Mozilla’s new venture.

The fact that Dion felt the best way for him to advance the state of the art of web development was to leave Google for Mozilla says a lot about Dion’s passion for the art. 

It says a lot about Google, too.

  4 Responses to “Ajaxian Leaves Google to Create Developer Tools Group at Mozilla”

  1. Danny,

    Thanks for the kind words. Now we need to put some meat behind this all and show actions!

    We are both ex-Googler’s now :) We should get together some time and chat.

    Would love to get some of your thoughts and share some ideas.



  2. Hey, it would be cool indeed to get together and chat. But after PDC! busybusybusy Announcements many at PDC, yes. Hmm!

  3. Danny,

    I will be at PDC too :)

    Maybe see you there!



  4. […] digs at Mozilla to head up the developer relations team for Palm’s webOS.  Dion and Ben moved to Mozilla just short of a year ago to work on Bespin, a project to develop tools for building cloud […]

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