Sep 302008

Microsoft’s Professional Developers Conference (PDC) this year sounds like it’s going to be a landmark event. According to tidbits offered on the PDC website, this year’s headliners will be the first peekat Windows 7 (with prebeta DVDs!) as well as Microsoft’s new thrust into the cloud computing space (no disks needed).  From the website: 

Come to PDC2008 to experience Microsoft’s vision for cloud computing and building applications that seamlessly bridge the gaps between PC, Web, and phone, and be the first to see the full range of advances in Windows 7, the next major version of the Windows client operating system.

Some of the tools stuff I’ve been working on this summer will debut at PDC.  Alas, I won’t be there – less travel, more code – but I will be trolling for photos and blog posts from those of you who are able to get into PDC. 

Pay close attention to the conference materials you get in the PDC bag when you check in onsite. I know a lot of people are in the habit of picking out the DVDs from the bag contents and tossing the rest into the nearest bin.  I’m all for lightening the load, but read before you toss or you may miss out on a significant portion of this PDC’s “special sauce”. 

Have fun, and don’t forget to write!