Jun 262008

In the midst of writing some Silverlight code, something struck my funny bone:  .NET has an Application.Current. 

“Current” suggests “now”, and its existance suggests there was a need to distinguish “now” from something else.  Does that mean there could be an Application.Next?  Application.Future?  Application.Past?  Those could save me a lot of effort.  How will I fix this in the next release?  I’ll just take a peek at Application.Next…

Chuck chimes in:  “No, but there is an Application.Torrent.”  That must be the current that lets the application get away from the debugger.

Beware the Application.Eddy!  I’ve had threads stuck in there for days.

A few minutes later Chuck answered a question with “Use SynchronizationContext.Current.  And no, there’s no Future or Past!”