Jun 252008

In getting back up to speed with Silverlight, and in particular the new Silverlight 2 beta 2, I’ve been surfing through the many quickstart topics on various web sites. While skimming “Receiving Plain XML Messages with Silverlight” these words lept out at me:

note: The WebClient class does not currently support cross-domain calls.

Say what?

The article then proceeds to show how to make an XML call using Silverlight’s WebClient class, and oh by the way it’s a cross domain call.

Nice job, guys.

Here’s what that article probably meant to say, but managed to get lost in the words:

Silverlight’s WebClient class supports cross-domain HTTP requests *IF* the target server allows cross-domain requests. 

It really is that simple. 

To configure a server to support cross-domain requests, read “How to: Make a Service Available Across Domain Boundaries“.