Apr 212008

We’re flattered, delighted, and ecstatic that so many web sites are directing their users to download PicLens.  Great!  The more the merrier.

Just one thing:  Web site authors, please be careful how you link to the PicLens downloads.  PicLens supports a wide variety of browsers and operating systems, and different downloads are required for each.  Please don’t link directly to a specific file on piclens.com.  That link will break when the next build of piclens is released (with a different file name), and it won’t be the correct link for all the different kinds of browsers and operating systems that your web site visitors use.

To provide a link for your web site users to download the PicLens browser plugin, just link to http://www.piclens.com.  Our web site autodetects the browser and OS of the visitor so that when the user clicks on “download”, we can send them the right file for their system.


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