Play Videos in PicLens!

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Apr 182008

PicLens 1.6.3 released this week adds support for searching and playing YouTube videos on the PicLens 3D wall!  PicLens displays still image thumbnails for videos on the wall.  When you click on an item in the wall, it plays the video in-place.  Play, Pause, Seek, and Volume controls are displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Also new in this PicLens release is the display of image and video titles below the image.  As you move the mouse around over the wall, the titles for the images nearest the mouse fade in, and fade out again as the mouse moves away.  The titles come directly from the <title> elements found in the mediaRSS feed of the web site.  For supported sites that don’t provide RSS feeds (like Google Images), we show the image file name.

I’ve found that having title text near the image thumbnails on the wall leads me to notice and click on more things out of curiousity.  The image itself might not be all that remarkable, but when the text below it says “Ferret training”, you just gotta find out what that’s about!

Check out the new demo video on to see video playing on the wall.  Better yet, install PicLens and see it live! 

PicLens 1.6.3 is available for download now on  It will be available on,, and other download providers in a few days. 

If you originally installed PicLens from, you don’t need to do anything to get the new PicLens release:  Firefox will notice when the new PicLens version is available on and will prompt you to update.  If you’re desperate to see video playback in PicLens right now, you can install from  Your Firefox will then watch for updates instead of, so you’ll continue to get updates a few days before your moz buddies.

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