Apr 142008

NVidia recently launched a massive marketing campaign ($30 million estimated by ValleyWag) to educate consumers on the benefits of having a strong GPU inside your computer.  PicLens features prominently in this campaign, as PicLens demonstrates how 3D graphics can enhance the user experience outside of a gaming context. 

NVidia is also using PicLens in its performance comparison kiosk, which has a PC with a powerful NVidia graphics card sitting side by side with a PC that is similarly configured for CPU and RAM, but lacks a 3D accelerated graphics card.  PicLens runs well on both machines, but looking at them side by side it’s not hard to figure out which machine has the 3D accelerated hardware.  PicLens runs smooth as glass on NVidia silicon, and even incorporates additional subtle effects when it sees the hardware has the oomph to do it well!