Fotki -> mediaRSS -> PicLens!

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Mar 082008

Photo sharing site has implemented mediaRSS feeds in their photo albums and image search results, which means you can surf millions of Fotki photos in PicLens!

A Fotki search for “butterfly” returns this Fotki page, which looks even better in PicLens:

Fotki Butterfly results in PicLens

You can also view Fotki photo albums in PicLens. Here’s an album carefully selected at random: Frogs of Costa Rica. Here are those same frogs in PicLens:

Fotki Photo Album


I don’t know if Fotki has had mediaRSS for awhile or if it’s a relatively recent addition, but regardless it works really well with PicLens.

As with everything else in life, there is always room for improvement. Yo, Fotki! Here’s my wish list:

  • Add mediaRSS for all groupings of photos on Fotki. In particular, the Fotki photo contest pages would be spectacular when presented in PicLens!
  • Fotki search results mediaRSS feeds appear to be limited to only about the first 100 items of the result set. There are roughly 5000 photos on Fotki tagged with “butterfly”, but only about 100 of them appear in the mediaRSS results. Use paginated RSS to break large result sets into manageable bite-sized chunks which RSS readers like PicLens will load only as needed.
  • Some of the photos (usually, at the top of the album) in people’s photo albums are not in the album’s mediaRSS feed. Is that because the album owner can selectively exclude photos from the album’s feed?

Fun fun fun with Fotki!