Feb 252008

It was a little after lunch.  The phone rang.  “Who? [Bleep]! I mean, [bleep], yes!  I mean, sure, come on over!”  The email to action: 

If you’re anywhere near the office, get over here!  Randy’s bringing General Colin Powell in to see PicLens!!

A flurry of activity.  Sweeping away today’s lunch debris.  And yesterday’s lunch debris.  And whatever that was last week.  “Are you finished with this soda?”  “I thought that was yours?”  Trash.  Crumbs. Crumbs!  Get the crumbs! Chairs.  Need chairs.  Where did the chairs go?  No, no, not that one.  A nice chair. Without the coffee. “Hi, sorry to interrupt. This interview is cancelled.  We need your chair.” 

Demo check:  Stable build of PicLens installed.  Check.  Google Images… Hmm.  Flickr?  Hmm.  Helloo internet?  No Internet! Ack! Switching to a new provider?  NOW?!

Plan B:  Wireless.  The neighbor’s wireless, open access point.  Gotta love neighbors. Google Images… Check.  Flickr… Check.  Facebook… Facebook? FacebookFacebook? Scratch Facebook (looks like half of Facebook’s servers took a powder at noon).  Pix.ie… Check.  Stanford Daily… Check.

PSST! He’s here!

“General Powell, we’re so pleased to meet you. Won’t you have a seat?”

Colin Powell Visits Cooliris