Wired on PicLens

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Feb 142008

Scott Gilbertson over at Wired picked up on the ReadWriteWeb article on PicLens and did a write up of his own for Wired’s MonkeyBites blog.  (Or is it Wired’s Compiler blog?  The title says one thing, but the URL disagrees)

Scott writes:

Piclens is a fun and addictive way to browse Flickr and other image sites. The only real downside is that Piclens currently doesn’t support the Firefox 3 betas (no real surprise since they are betas), otherwise this would make my list of must-have add-ons.

Not to worry, Scott – we’ve made a couple of trips to Mozland in recent weeks to discuss Firefox 3 tech bits with the Mozilla team.  Just last week, CoolIris gave a brown bag presentation of PicLens to the Moz lads and lasses in Mozilla’s recently revamped theater/lounge.  There were oohs and ahs in all directions – the CoolIris guys were wowed by Moz’s mile-wide projection screen, while the Moz folks were wowed by what we were projecting onto it. 

Can’t say any more than that at the moment.  Stay tuned!